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Bleach Chapter 561 – A Wild Renji Appears

Bleach Chapter 561 - Abarai Renji 1

Cue the Pokemon battle music! He is here!

This chapter irritated me in so many ways…once again we have a Shinigami Captain reveal their secrets to how their Bankai functions to their opponent and immediately after get their Bankai countered and themselves thrashed to next Thursday. Kensei got himself a beat down usually reserved for lieutenants and Rose wilted before he even bloomed…and shamefully even more, what took him down was a ‘star beam’ attack. I don’t even know what to say anymore, two Shinigami Captains whom are Visored got themselves completely owned by one of the weirdest and uninteresting Bleach antagonist. Well at least Renji appeared, hopefully this time a Shinigami doesn’t go and blurt out the weakness to their Bankai.

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Freezing Chapter 42-48 – To Liberate

Freezing - Satellizer el Bridget

A cold and ruthless personality hiding a scared and traumatised girl

And so we finally learn about the agony Satellizer had to endure since the day she entered the el Bridget household, of the torment she suffered through at the hands of her half-brother, Louis, and of the hellish fear and trauma which shackled her and cracked her will…her pain and the nightmare which was her life, we see it all.

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