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One Piece - Kaido's daughter, Yamato

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[Theory] One Piece – Yamato The Stonemason

One Piece - Kaido's daughter, Yamato

Identifying a role for Yamato if they were to join the Straw Hat Pirate crew is a very curious task. Not only because barely anything has been revealed about a role required for the Straw Hat Pirates for the remainder of the journey but also because nothing concrete has been associated with Yamato in terms of what role they could perform. We also have to take into account the stage the story of One Piece is at because with the conclusion of One Piece in sight for Oda-sensei, they may not be much room left for adventuring reducing the need for traditional ship roles. Rather, if a character were to join the crew at this point in time, their main role within the crew would be story-driven. A secondary role performing task onboard the ship would arise as a byproduct from that story-driven role they primarily represent.

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