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One Piece Chapter 905 – Infiltration

One Piece Chapter 905 - Sabo

With absence of the Marines in Marie Geoise, could the Revolutionary Army really pull off the infiltration and their mission?


With the world crushed under the heel of the undeserving and the unjust, an echo within the darkness resonates out into the beyond with intent to shatter the heaven imprisoning the will of progress. An echo that has grown into a rallying cry for change and evolution. A voice that has beared its fangs in order to be heard. The Revolutionary Army has set their target and taken aim. The infiltration into Mariejois has begun, their target, the Tenryuubito.

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One Piece Chapter 904 – The Executives Of The Revolutionary Army

One Piece chapter 904 - The Executives of the Revolutionary Army

Interesting bunch, curious to learn their stories and how they ended up members of the Revolutionary Army

Not only will the Straw Hat Pirates, the Shichibikai, the Yonko, the failings of the Marines and the Fishman Island proposal be relevant in the upcoming Reverie but the Revolutionary Army also seeks to declare their war against the Tenryuubito during the Reverie. Dragon has assembled all his Executives in order to take their war against the injustice of the world to the next level. As it stands the manifestation of the that injustice they seek to fight exist in the form of the current Tenryuubito who undeservedly carry themselves as Gods.

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One Piece Chapter 794 – Sabo’s Struggles

One Piece chapter 794 - Sabo meets part of Luffy's crew

Will Sabo be meeting the rest of Luffy’s crew soon?

I had suspected that there was a genuine reason for Sabo not being at Ace’s execution trying to save him, but for him to have become amnesic after the explosion of his ship when he left the Goa King, I can’t help but see the convenience in that twist. Sure it is to be expected that an explosion and shock can cause a person to suffer memory loss, but in this case, it does feel a little too convenient that Sabo only managed to regain his memory after Ace had died. It is not a terribly illogical development, as the possibility had crossed my mind, but I was expecting something much more…surprising.

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