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Bleach Chapter 597 – Defense Of The Soul King

Bleach chapter 597 - Senjumaru arrives

Should be interesting to see how Senjumaru goes about combating the Sternritter

Looks like more than a few Sternritter arrived in Reioukyuu (Soul King Palace) than just Yhwach, Haschwalth, Uryuu and those fodder that were defeated earlier by Tenjirou. For another named Sternritter to be present at the scene, how exciting and what a curious ability he has, to be able to bend attacks of others. If he is here, I wonder if anymore Sternritter will make an appearance in Reioukyuu, as there are still several unassigned Sternritter letters. Anyway with Ichigo and Co. heading to Reioukyuu, I wonder how they plan to face Yhwach and handle Uryuu, who is obviously in a tough situation.

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Bleach Chapter 587 – Invasion On Reioukyuu

Bleach chapter 587 - Invasion on Reioukyuu

Yhwach finally makes into Reioukyuu, will he really be able to handle the Soul King?

Looks like Yhwach finally made it to the Soul King’s Palace, I wonder how the Royal Guard/Zero Division will stack up against Sternritter’s best. Seeing that the members of the Royal Guard each specialise in a particular field, it will be interesting to see how Yhwach goes up against such masters. Ichigo on the other hand regresses back into his emotional cesspool of despair, but thanks to Sado, Ichigo is smashed right back into reality and his resolved self. With Kisuke making arrangements for Ichigo and Co. to get into Reioukyuu, it should be exciting to see what Yhwach ends up doing during the time it takes for Ichigo to reach Reioukyuu.

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