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[Theory] One Piece – Evidence Against Monet Being Dead

One Piece - Monet art 2

The ambiguity behind the appearance of “certainty”

Many believe that Monet’s apparent death scene is one of the most clear-cut cases of a character being killed in One Piece – “heart being stabbed”. I disagree with the usual interpretation of the scene in question and feel Monet’s death is one of the most ambiguous deaths in One Piece, mainly because Oda structured the scene in a way to make it appear as if Caesar had [fully] stabbed Monet’s heart, but in actuality, he only managed to graze the “block of flesh”.

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One Piece Chapter 696 – The End Of The Ordeal?

One Piece chapter 696 - Law

Lol…what a dark sense of humour, but hilarious nonetheless

Hahah, so we didn’t get to see who that mysterious character was at the end of the previous chapter this chapter…lol, the agony of wanting to know continues to grow =P, hopefully it is revealed next chapter O.o. Interesting chapter this one, so Luffy and Co. prolong their presence on Punk Hazard with a party, hahah, how typical Strawhat-style. Well now this give Doflamingo and that mysterious character time to make it to Punk Hazard (if they haven’t already) before Luffy and Co. leave.

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One Piece Chapter 694 – Approaching With A Smile

One Piece Chapter 694 - Doflamingo moves

Donquixote Doflamingo enters…

Oh that smile at the end of the chapter; how terrifying, how twisted, how demented, how mesmerizing, how on edge…Doflamingo looks pissed and he is heading straight for Punk Hazard, what a surprisingly thrilling development. Looks like we will get to see some action from Doflamingo sooner than expected. And hahah wow, he appears to be flying/levitating/gliding across the ocean, wonder how he doing that (manipulating his weight or surrounding laws?) =/.

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One Piece – Monet The Harpy

One Piece - Monet - drawn_by Space Person - colour by PhoenixRoy (http://phoenixroy.deviantart.com)

Monet the Harpy – colour by PhoenixRoy

I was just re-thinking possible theories of Monet being a Devil Fruit user and I started to wonder, couldn’t Monet be a Logia Devil Fruit user? The Yuki Yuki no Mi? She could be disguised as the snow falling on the frozen part of Punk Hazard when she listened in on what Law and Luffy were discussing. Monet is potentially a “snow-woman” (“Yuki-Onna”).

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One Piece Chapter 660 – Complications

One Piece Chapter 660 - Super Stance

And that's only the tip of the iceburg, wait until you guys from G-5 see Luffy =P

Complications is an understatement, the can of worms just exploded with the “Strawhats”, Trafalgar Law and Smoker + G-5 meeting each other. The G-5 Marine expressed what all the readers were thinking – this Island is weird! And it’s no surprise those Marines were overwhelmed, all the strange things that showed up or occurred in the this arc has a way of overwhelming you.  Interesting how Law was surprised to see the Strawhats, it implies he is not exactly in the know about what is going on around this Island.  But whats more interesting is the Law vs Smoker showdown that is about to take place (unless something happens to spoil this match-up).

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One Piece Chapter 658 – Within The Shadow

One Piece Chapter 658 - Nami to the rescue - colour by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

NAMI!! - colour by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

Man Nami was awesome this chapter, a pirate with a big heart!! It really is tragic the situation those kids are in, it seems like they were tricked by this Punk Hazard group and are now being locked up in this facility for some purpose. Kids being torn away from their family, how cruel, just what is this Punk Hazard group intending to do with these kids? Experiments? They don’t seem directly connected to the World Government, are they some “shadow organisation” within the World Government that few are privy to know about with the purpose of conducting experiments and/or research behind closed doors that the general public would find unethical or morally wrong? Well whatever this organisation is, Nami has taken it upon herself, with Sanji, Chopper and Franky following, to save those kids from the unfortunate circumstance they ended up in.

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One Piece Chapter 657 – The Normality Of Strange

One Piece Chapter 657 - Punk Hazard climate

Across the burning blaze is a freezing wind, the state of Punk Hazard revealed

Well now, so the Island is split into one side being insanely hot and the other side being bone-chillingly cold, how interesting. I can’t help but think Akainu vs Aokiji, but is this really the Island they fought on? The incident Smoker mentions took place four years ago and the battle between Akainu and Aokiji was two year ago…it could just be the incident spoken about is totally unrelated to the extreme climate of Punk Hazard and due to the Island being closed off and ruled off-limits by the Marines and World Government, Akainu and Aokiji decided to battle there.

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