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One Piece Chapter 925 – The Reintroduction Of The Blackbeard Pirates

One Piece chapter 925 - Blackbeard

I am very curious to see how much Haki Blackbeard knows…

I cannot believe it, has Absalom been killed off in the background? Direct confirmation hasn’t been given but Shiryu’s display of using the Clear Clear Fruit certainly does seemingly confirm that Absalom has been killed in order to free up his Devil Fruit for use by the Blackbeard Pirates. Unless a method exist that allows a Devil Fruit user to have their power stolen/mimicked, the only other reason that would explain Shiryu having the fruit power is Absalom being dead. Would Oda-sensei really do that off-screen without much build up? Why didn’t he have any of the Blackbeard Pirates confirm Absalom’s death? I am completely surprised and questioning whether Oda-sensei has decided to adjust the way he handles present time character deaths within the story.

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