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One Piece Chapter 897 – The Germa 66 Arrives

One Piece chapter 897 - The Germa 66 Arrives

Show them the terror of the Vinsmoke name!

Finally, we get to see the Germa 66 in action and what they are capable of in all their scientific and heartless glory. The Germa 66 may have started as antagonist but over the course of the arc, they have transformed into a faction that WILL become valuable allies to the Straw Hat Pirates in the future. As things are, they are already assisting the Straw Hat Pirates in clearing the Big Mom Pirates blocking their path and helping with retrieving a fatigued Luffy. The Big Mom Pirates have grossly underestimated the Germa 66 and are now paying for it completely – when you expose your back to an assassin, you are asking to be stabbed.

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One Piece Chapter 896 – Luffy And Katakuri

One Piece chapter 896 - Luffy and Katakuri

Just as Katakuri acknowledged Luffy, Luffy has acknowledged Katakuri as more than an enemy – but as a fighter that he respects

How unexpected. I didn’t think I would like this battle much. I didn’t think I would find Katakuri all that interesting. I didn’t think the conclusion of this battle would deliver a memorable end. And yet, here I am, absolutely in love with this battle, a fan of Katakuri, emotionally gripped by the conclusion of the battle and moved by the bond formed by the two fighters. There had to be a victor and yet it doesn’t seem like either lost. In the end what is certain is the real victor were the readers.

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One Piece Chapter 811 – Saving Zou

One Piece Chapter 811 - double page colour spread

I’m surprised Zoro has a jacket on…whatever happened to his “warriors training”

Out of all the characters, who would have thought that Caesar would be the central person in helping save Zou and the Mink, albeit his assistance was acquired through blackmail, but still nonetheless his actions did end up saving the Mink race. The fact that Oda is placing such focus on Caesar and is going through to the effort to redeem his character somewhat suggest to me that Oda does have future plans for Caesar in being an ally/associate of the Straw Hat Pirates. If Jack and Kaido do have more of Caesar’s weaponry, Caesar being associated with the Straw Hat Pirates will be a huge benefit for them in their upcoming battles against Kaido.

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