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One Piece Chapter 878 – Conviction Of The Resolute

One Piece chapter 878 - Luffy VS Katakuri

Will Luffy get to defeat a second Sweet Commander? Or will their battle end before it begins?

Just as the Night paves a way forward for the Dawn, Pedro has found himself on a path paving the way for the arrival of the inevitable changes to come. Despite the unknown it represents, he willingly placed his life on the line to ensure the ones he believed were the Avatars of that change continue on their journey towards ushering in the new Dawn. He had many reasons to despair and many chances to surrender to circumstance, but he continued to fight for the convictions he had and because of that unwavering resolve, an impossible escape has now transformed into an escape with a chance for the Straw Hat Pirates.

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One Piece Chapter 877 – Pedro’s Sacrifice

One Piece chapter 877 - Pedro's sacrifice

Pedro has come to understand how valuable the Straw Hat Pirates and their journey is to the future of the world

First things first, I don’t believe Pedro is dead. Regardless of how it looks, regardless of how logic dictates otherwise, this is One Piece and Oda-sensei has a particular manner in handling his characters and how they meet their end. Secondly, Perospero likewise will not die as a result of that explosion. Most likely Perospero will create a protective armor of Candy to take the majority of the damage from the explosion which would have the indirect consequence of reducing the damage caused to Pedro. While fire melts candy, it will still eat up a portion of the explosions energy reducing the ultimate damage. Alternatively, a third-party may have intervened to save Pedro. Could Capone have returned to assist the Straw Hat Pirates? His wife is fighting to save them, despite his personality and what he said, I’m sure he would put his life on the line to respect his wife’s resolve and do whatever he can to assist her – Bege is just that type of character. Whatever is going to happen, Pedro is not dying just yet.

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One Piece Chapter 850-851 – Pudding’s Deception

One Piece chapter 850 - Big Mom's plan

Big Mom’s” plan revealed

Oh wow, so Pudding wasn’t who she made herself out to be, I am so glad. I am so glad the immense suspicion I had for Pudding and the uneasiness I felt from her character were correctly placed. I so wanted to believe in Pudding’s “pure” side but the imbalance of her character within the context of this arc made it painfully hard not to doubt her character. It was grating and unpleasant not to believe her kindness when there was no concrete reason to doubt her action, so I am glad, glad that I didn’t misjudge a character and blacken my heart in error. Pudding not being the kind and pure girl she pretended to be and instead being rotten to core also helps convey to myself that I am not as confused with the flow of this story arc as I had initially concluded.

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One Piece Chapter 849 – Stealing The Treasure

One Piece chapter 849 - Big Mom breaks into the Treasure Room

Things really aren’t looking good for Brook!

Of course things didn’t go as planned, but to have Big Mom personally come to the Treasure Room to break down the door and engage the intruder, how incredibly unfortunate for Brook. Just goes to show how much the Tamatebako means to Big Mom. With him in the process of making an imprint, I wonder if he will have enough time to finish before he is captured because with Big Mom there, it doesn’t seem like he has much chance of escaping. Elsewhere, Reiju seems to have been subject to a battle given her grievous injurious and inability to walk and stand without support. Just what happened? Who did that to Reiju?

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One Piece Chapter 848 – Breaking Into The Treasure Room

One Piece chapter 848 - Brook breaks into the Treasure Room

The plan continues into the next stage

Okay, I don’t get Pudding, what is Oda-sensei planning with her? Was she really innocent and genuine? Are there no ulterior motives behind that cheerful smile of hers? Were the tears she shed really ones conveying her resolve to change the dark outcome about to result if she chooses to do nothing? Is Pudding really serious about going against Big Mom and destroying the very plans her mother has set-up? I just don’t get it. I don’t see Pudding dying yet but I am very curious to see what Oda-sensei has planned for her during the remainder of this arc.

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One Piece Chapter 846 – The Big Mom Pirates

One Piece Chapter 846 - Luffy VS Big Mom Pirates

How would the situation play out if Luffy were at full strength

I’m not really sure what to think of this arc, it’s developing in a really unexpected way albeit with a predictable end, or so I assume. Ever since the Zou Arc, Oda-sensei has handled the arcs at a sought of tangent from how the story would usually develop, this is probably largely due to the Yonko becoming the focus and the crew having been split in half. Now with every chapter, I find myself both surprised and in wonder towards where Oda-sensei is taking the elements in his story. The end result may be predictable, but I just cannot read the flow of the story. At the same time, it is both challenging and exciting constantly being overwhelmed by awe and the lack of predictability in regards to how the apparent defined end will be reached. Continue reading