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One Piece Chapter 897 – The Germa 66 Arrives

One Piece chapter 897 - The Germa 66 Arrives

Show them the terror of the Vinsmoke name!

Finally, we get to see the Germa 66 in action and what they are capable of in all their scientific and heartless glory. The Germa 66 may have started as antagonist but over the course of the arc, they have transformed into a faction that WILL become valuable allies to the Straw Hat Pirates in the future. As things are, they are already assisting the Straw Hat Pirates in clearing the Big Mom Pirates blocking their path and helping with retrieving a fatigued Luffy. The Big Mom Pirates have grossly underestimated the Germa 66 and are now paying for it completely – when you expose your back to an assassin, you are asking to be stabbed.

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One Piece Chapter 887 – A Father’s Love, A Father’s Duty

One Piece chapter 887 - Pound


So this is what Pound’s story has been building up towards. Discarded by Linlin from the day his daughters were born and banished from the Charlotte family never to be allowed to see his daughters until today. The joy welling up inside Pound at the sight of his daughter being happy motivated Pound to lay his very life on the line to protect that happiness. In the end, in order to ensure Chiffon and her family escaped, Pound confronted Oven and drew away Oven’s wrath from Chiffon towards himself.

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One Piece Chapter 886 – Transcending One’s Limits

One Piece chapter 886 - Luffy's desire to get stronger

I can’t wait for the continuation of their fight

Looks like Luffy is privy to the Saiyan way of training, rather than taking the easy route and exploiting the opponents weakness, facing them at full strength can have the advantageous effect of forcing oneself passed their limits towards a new level of strength. And that level beyond his limits is exactly what Luffy is after. Luffy knows his current capabilities is not good enough and is painfully aware that in order to survive in the New World, he needs to push himself further than he has gone before. In order to force that change, he needs to face Katakuri at full power.

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