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Bleach Chapter 604 – Empowerment

Bleach chapter 604 - Yhwach

Will Yhwach finally be tested?

I wonder why the Sternritter were so surprised when Yhwach deemed them unnecessary and began to sacrifice them for those he does deem worthy. The Sternritter were probably around long enough to realise what type of person Yhwach was, especially seeing as they were around long enough to put their belief in him. Yhwach was pretty transparent in how he does things, if he doesn’t agree with something, he makes sure he is heard out, so it was expected that when he came to the conclusion that the Sternritter aren’t doing what he expected, he would put into motion a plan to remedy that and in this case it was transferring the power he bestowed on the Sternritter to those he deems worthy. With the Royal Guard on the back-foot, it seems like a great moment for Ichigo and Co. to show up and utilise some Hollow power to combat the power-up Sternritter.

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Bleach Chapter 601 – Ohetsu Unleahes

Bleach chapter 601 - colour spread

Nimaiya Ohetsu is here!

What an incredibly enjoyable chapter, I was growing tired of the Quincy and their fights being stretched excessively over several chapters, thank goodness Ohetsu was on the scene to send several of the remaining Sternritter off to the grave. That failed zanpakutou, Sayabuse, which Ohetsu is using is quite the peculiar zanpakutou, to have such cutting ability that it is basically a ‘one swing, one kill’ blade (for the most part). Askin being alive was great, his character has been established as being a interesting one, so I am glad he will get a moment to be highlighted in his battle against Ohetsu. Will be interesting to see how Ohetsu will handle a guy who just can’t die =/.

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