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Naruto Chapter 644 – Beyond Words

Naruto Chapter 644 - Taijitu of Kurama, Minato and Naruto

A Taijitu represented by Kurama, Minato and Naruto – badass

That Taijitu symbol of the yin and yang chakra represented by the two halves of Kurama and connectors being Naruto, Minato and two Kurama’s fist-bumping, what a magnificent illustration, LOVE it! The deepening understanding of father and son was also something emotionally touching to see and feel this chapter. Regardless of the regret and remorse Minato feels for having put Naruto through the past he has been through, Naruto has already come to understand the feelings beyond words his parents, Minato and Kushina wanted to convey to him. It was great when Naruto told his father how he already knows everything his mother and father wanted to tell him =).

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Bleach Chapter 452 – “It’s Shuu-chan!”

Bleach Chapter 452 - Ichigo Fullbring Form

Ichigo's Fullbring Form - colored by bensuit (http://bensuit.deviantart.com)

With a pretty boring start (those first five pages didn’t really convey much) and an average but amusing middle, I wasn’t expecting much from the end, but hahah, guess I was in for a surprise with the cliffhanger which left things off on a very suspenseful and intriguing note (oh more possibilities to think about now).

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