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One Piece chapter 999 - Yamato talking about Luffy to Momonosuke

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[Theory] One Piece – The Adventures Yamato Followed Through The News

One Piece chapter 999 - Ace tell Yamato the story about his little brother, Luffy

I have compiled a list of images that details the news Yamato could have come across when following the Straw Hat Pirates journey from Luffy’s presence in Marineford to the events that saw Luffy releasing Yamato from their bindings imprisoning them for twenty years.

Edit note: it has been confirmed after chapter 1000 that Yamato began following the newspapers surrounding Luffy’s adventure after the Battle of Marineford (post Summit War). The disappearance of Ace’s vivre card led Yamato to inspecting the following days newspaper. Yamato learned that Ace was Roger’s son at that time and of Luffy being a pirate that was making a name for themselves. Post has been updated to remove the irrelevant points.

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