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Edens Zero chapter 128 - Hermit liberating herself from Muller

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Edens Zero Chapter 128 – Saving Foresta

Edens Zero chapter 128 - Laguna assisting Hermit with the cooling

With the demon of her past in front of her, Hermit confronts her terror and awakens a realisation within herself that she has things important to her already. People she considers friends. Hermit has liberated herself from the shadow of Müller and expressed her severance from his darkness through that punch carrying the weight of her trauma. Whatever fear Müller cast over Hermit has been cleared and rewritten over with positive emotions. The dream of humans and robots coexisting has been reclaimed. And with it, so too has the safety of Foresta which has had its Doomsday System shutdown.

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Edens Zero chapter 127 - Sister resolves to not let anyone die on Edens Zero

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Edens Zero Chapter 127 – Weisz VS Müller

Edens Zero chapter 127 - Weisz continues to attack Muller

Madness is but a word ill-equipped to define the depths of horror represented by Müller. A mind so nescient in its state, the recognition of the universe has become warped to the point of twisting the characterisation of its actions into an apparition of righteousness. Human the scientist may be but devoid of a “heart” he is. With the assistance of his allies, Weisz extends himself passed his limits in order to cleanse this stain of unconscionability that deems himself integral to the progress of humanity from the association of science.

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