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One Piece Chapter 767 – You Are Free

One Piece chapter 767 - The inevitable confrontation

Even though they are brothers, their beliefs force them to oppose each other

The heart is but a fragile existence; grand in its capacity to feel but vulnerable in its ability to comprehend the pain overwhelming it. Subject to the corroding touch of the world’s madness, the heart reacts in a manner unique to each bearer. Such is the case with the story between two brothers and their contrasting interpretations of the madness they were victims of as young boys. One became consumed by it and chose to embrace it; the other traumatized by it, chose to rise above it. In the end, their choices and the life of a young boy led them to opposing each other.

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One Piece Chapter 766 – Memories Of The Heart

One Piece chapter 766 - Rosinante and the Ope Ope no Mi

Always making a bad situation positive, Rosinante is such a lovable character

What a mellow feeling I have overwhelming me seeing Rosinante pull Law out from the hell he was cast into and knowing that Rosinante will make the ultimate sacrifice to save Law. Forsaking his own life and future, Rosinante put every ounce of his will into making sure Law was able to cure himself of the Amber Lead poison in his body and be able to escape the birdcage Doflamingo entrapped the people on Minion inside. It is an almost numbing feeling, I want to be sad that Rosinante’s life is about to end, but the heart-warming sacrifice he is making to save a boy traumatized by consuming suffering is just too moving to not admire and want to smile, especially after that last panel. That final smile of Rosinate’s definitely burned itself into Law’s memory just as it did for the reader.

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