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Fairy Tail Chapter 513 – Mother And Daughter

Fairy Tail chapter 513 - Irene reveals the truth

The relation between Irene and Erza is finally revealed!

The secret bond between Irene and Erza has finally been confirmed and as was made apparent since Irene’s introduction, they are mother and daughter albeit ones separated by a genuine relationship. Erza never knew her mother and Irene was long since under the assumption that Erza had perished some time in the past. As a result, the revelation of the truth ends up as a disconnect and the subsequent reactions of the two leads them to approaching the situation in a callous and indifferent manner. Irene has since realising the truth resolved to defeat her daughter and Erza in disbelief continues to stand against Irene regardless of whether Irene is her biological mother. There is no connection between the two to serve as an expression of their bond, only an empty relation which see’s the two of them baring their magic against each other.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 508 – The Innocence Of Experience

Fairy Tail chapter 508 - Kagura arrives

What an unexpected surprise, looking forward to this battle

Well this chapter sure developed in an unexpected way. Why does Larcade even have the ability to unleash a wave of pleasure onto those who have experienced it before? Sure it made for one ‘interesting’ chapter but what an awkward turn of events. Larcade did return the favour (to an extent) to Fairy Law as several characters are now incapacitated due to the embrace of pleasure. With the pure mermaid, Kagura, now having entered the fray, Larcade may have met a being of more purity to challenge him.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 404 – The Approaching Calamity

Fairy Tail chapter 404 - Erza defeats Kyouka

Residing within the flow of magic after being reduced to emptiness, Erza overwhelms Kyouka

In the end the timer does reach 00:00, but as for the Faces activating across the continent, I wonder about that, they could have been stopped by the other groups of mages active trying to avoid the nullification of magic across the continent or Lumen Histoire could be used to counter the effects of the Magic Pulse Bombs. Regardless, you got to hand it to Kyouka, she gave it her all to make sure the timer ticked down and actually did succeed in buying enough time, though I do wonder if the Faces will really activate, after all they may be met with an Error 404 O.o.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 401-403 – The Light Beyond Form

Fairy Tail chapter 403 - Erza's five sense nullified

Beyond the five senses…

Reduced to nothingness and numbed of sensation, the world before one turns to darkness, yet within that formless stream of existence and space, the magic of one’s soul manifest into a light connecting their being to the endless depths of the world. Broken down and stripped of her five senses, Erza manifest her spirit into a light capable of residing within the flow of the world, ultimately awakening a sensation beyond form.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 398 – On The Edge

Fairy Tail chapter 398 - Kyouka and Erza

Been looking forward to this rematch – FIGHT!

How amusing, I was expecting Natsu to have some hand in defeating the remaining members of Tartarus, but it looks like his role is completely reserved for the final antagonist of this arc. Regarding Face, it looks like Keith’s defeat wasn’t the end of the plan, Sayla utilised her macros to animated Crawford and continue the activation of Face. With the threat of around 3,000 magic pulse bombs being activated simultaneously, it is going to be exciting to see how Erza takes on Kyouka, what Wendy has planned for the other magic guilds and what Makarov is going to do with Lumen Histoire.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 395 – Dragon Slayers VS Demons

Fairy Tail chapter 395 - Natsu and Gajeel VS Tempesta and Torafusa

Natsu and Gajeel VS Tempesta and Torafusa

What an ominous title for the beginning of the fifth part of the Tartarus arc – Extreme Pain. Will Fairy Tail really be alright against Tartarus and their plan to active several thousand Continental Magic Pulse Bombs (Face) simultaneously? Despite Fairy Tail being a match for Zeref’s demons and overcoming several of them already, what is this odd feeling that Mard Geer won’t completely fail by the end of this arc =/. Whom will end up feeling “extreme pain”? Does it have anything to do with Natsu and his relation to E.N.D? I am incredibly eager to find out how this exhilarating arc will conclude.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 390 – Deliora Returns

Fairy Tail chapter 390 - Deliora returns

It makes so much sense now, but I certainly didn’t foresee this prior

Memories of a tragedy resurface to cast the wounds of despair asunder and with it the agony endured once again embraces its host. Gray, the tragedies of his life and face of his weakness, Deliora embodies it all. Unable to do anything in the past when his parents died and when his master sacrificed herself to seal away his darkness, the agony of inability washes over him once again and reminds him of a time he lost so much. Fury overcomes him and with the monster of his nightmares standing before him, Gray throws it all away relinquishing the control over his suffering. With darkness entrapping Gray once again, who will be the one to seal away his “darkness” this time?

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Fairy Tail Chapter 389 – Countdown To Despair

Fairy Tail chapter 389 - Rogue and Sting - colour by StingCunha (http://stingcunha.deviantart.com)

Rogue and Sting VS Mard Geer – colour by StingCunha

You know if Mard Geer wasn’t so arrogant and oblivious to dangers Fairy Tail pose to his plan, I would have called him out as a fool for expressly revealing his plan to Erza and Co., but seeing as how it has already been shown that Mard Geer grossly underestimates humans, specifically Fairy Tail, and believes with absolute certainty that they won’t be able to stop him, it follows with his character that he has no problem revealing his plan to his enemies. But who would have thought, Keith, the necromancer, was able to revive Crawford. I guess Crawford will just have to die again =/.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 388 – Minerva’s Tears

Fairy Tail chapter 388 - Sabertooth Arrives

I feel so happy for Minerva, she is finally free from the shackles of fear encumbering her so painfully

Frozen by detachment and confused by superiority, the heart of a girl once so full of warmth is smothered by the narrow-mindedness of strength and the fear of weakness. Engraved within her being by the terror of her father and the darkness of his teachings, she distanced herself from her feelings and began to ignore the cries of her heart, cries that craved to be embraced. Yet through her denial of herself and the acknowledgement of who she is, the heart of her emotion began to beat again and with the realisation of a place to belong, tears once dried up and frozen begin to rejuvenate the heart.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 386 – The Radiance Of The Stars

Fairy Tail chapter 386 - Natsu come back - colour by StingCunha (http://stingcunha.deviantart.com)

Fairy Tail VS Tartarus – colour by StingCunha

How impressive it is that Lucy, while having the Celestial Spirit King summoned, was able to cast her most powerful magic to take out Jackal. Her actions these past few chapters has really showcased how reliable and resilient she can be, despite all the challenges she encountered, Lucy, with the aid of her beloved spirits, was able to scale those walls and illuminate the darkness with radiating light. The Celestial Spirit King’s Galaxia Blade directed the radiance of the stars onto the darkness imprisoning Fairy Tail, ultimately eroding it away and effectively saving Fairy Tail. With Alegria dispelled, it is time for the rest Fairy Tail to carry on what Wendy, Mira and Lucy gave their all to stop, that is Tartartus.

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