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One Piece Chapter 1058 – Buggy's fortunate misfortune

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One Piece Chapter 1058 – A Clown’s Fortunate Misfortune

One Piece Chapter 1058 – Buggy's fortunate misfortune

Ever since the happenings surrounding Buggy within his initial appearance and the cover pages featuring him and his adventures, especially his meeting with Ace and the events that transpired within Impel Down, he has captured the essence of fortunate misfortune. Buggy may not get what he wants through the circumstances unraveling around him but what occurs is a miraculous level of serendipity that puts the fortune in misfortune. Truly, when it come to Buggy, when fortune strike, it always misses the mark for him hence that humorous spin of mis-fortune he is embraced by. Such a conveyance is expressed comprehensively within this chapter.

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