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Naruto Chapter 546 – Confrontation With The Past

Naruto - Gaara of the Sand by EiffelArt (http://eiffelart.deviantart.com)

Confronting his past and himself, Gaara looks towards a new direction, a direction of his choosing

This chapter was mainly focused on the events with Gaara and Oonoki, but the most memorable scene from this chapter was of course, RASENGAN!!!! I was tempted to title this post “RASENGAN” but I resisted the urge and went with a more Gaara-appropriate title, even if a bit more dull.

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Naruto Chapter 544-545 – His Saviors

Naruto Chapter 544 - Kusina, Minato and Naruto - coloured by darkalx

The Suns that power him, the people who saved him, the parents which love him...

Great chapters, especially chapter 544 – Naruto reveals the weight behind his resolve and determination and expresses just how much belief he has in himself thanks to his father and mother. You can tell Naruto has attained a harmonious balance in himself since meeting his father and mother (for the first time). Now that he understands how much love was surrounding him and how much faith they have put in him, he has begun to see and accept the role he must play. The role of savior, the role handed to him by the previous savior who left everything to Naruto. It’s heartwarming to see the overwhelming and overflowing love present between Naruto and his parents. They left him on a path filled with pain and suffering, but Naruto doesn’t blame them and isn’t angry at them, instead he understands their decision and realises the sacrifice they made for him. The love they have for him and the faith they put in him, that is all Naruto can see. Two Suns, Suns that shine on him and power him to go to any length to protect the things precious to him. A relationship so radiant, it’s moving…

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Naruto Chapter 542-543 – The Strongest Tag-Team

Naruto - A and B Fist Bump

"Through these fists, we understand each other, and that's what makes us "brothers"!!"

Glad I decided to wait last week and read both of these chapters together this week, because they were both really good, especially when read together. The story of A and B was pretty awesome, interesting to see how different A was before he became Raikage. A took to heart the words Killer B’s cousin told him and gave B that “something” to fill the hole in his heart which the 8-Tails would have exploited. A back than really did act like a big brother to Killer B and gave B that support which Jinchuuriki desperately need to keep on living as themselves.

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