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Fairy Tail Chapter 405-406 – The Fury Of Mard Geer

Fairy Tail chapter 406 - Mard Geer, the Dark King

Overwhelming and overpowering, Mard Geer showcases his terrifying strength

Interesting, so Mard Geer does have some bite to back his bark, I was worried for a moment there that him being too overconfident in his abilities would let him get complacent during his battle with the Dragon Slayers and ultimately have his perception of humans erupt into flames. Still that may happen, but it looks like Natsu and Co. will need to come up with some drastic strategy to even begin to get Mard Geer serious. I wonder if Mard Geer will even be defeated this arc or whether it will conclude with the Face plan failing and Mard Geer retreating with E.N.D.

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