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One Piece Chapter 793 – Isshou’s Gamble

One Piece chapter 793 - Isshou's reasons

The reason behind Isshou’s restraint in stopping Doflamingo is revealed

It is starting to make complete sense now, the reason for Isshou’s restraint in dealing with Doflamingo directly despite the Dressrosa citizens being in danger and the belief Isshou placed within the Straw Hat Pirates to see his gamble fulfilled. In order to perpetuate a change, Isshou needed the world to see in its uncensored truth just how corrupt and dangerous the sanctioned Shichibukai system is and the inability of the Marines to actually do anything to prevent the Shichibukai from exploiting their power to subjugate nations and from continuing to exploit it. By bringing to light the destruction and chaos caused by Doflamingo, Isshou is opening the eyes of everyone to the disadvantages of the Shichibukai and has in essence begun the ultimate end of such a power.

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One Piece – Dressrosa Players

One Piece - Dressrosa Players v3.1

How the Dressrosa Arc looks when you summarise the characters involved

With so many characters becoming relevant this arc on top of all the quality developments I needed something visual to help myself understand this arc more intimately. It took me a while, but this is a summarised version of the players in this Dressrosa Arc at the moment.

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