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Fairy Tail Chapter 385 – Celestial Blessing

Fairy Tail chapter 385 - Aquarius's Power - colour by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

Lucy resonating with Aquarius’s Power – colour by salim202

In a state of grief and sadness at the reality of losing one of her closest friends, Lucy, upon the realisation that there is still a role for her to play in saving the rest of nakama, pushes aside the dejecting pain and channels the power the Celestial Spirit King has bestowed upon her. Aquarius, despite having returned to the Celestial Spirit World, her power now surges inside Lucy and thanks to it, Lucy is able to materialise her resolve of wanting to save her nakama into action.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 382 – On The Brink Of Defeat

Fairy Tail chapter 382 - The imprisoned fairies

The imprisoned fairies. All hope is now on you, Lucy!

I can’t tell if Marde Guille is extremely powerful or if he is just foolishly overconfident. Certainly he does boast some impressive power with that Alegria spell he cast which practically almost defeated Fairy Tail in an instant but with the way he is ridiculing humans, you just know that he is going to inevitable get a taste of what it feels like to get burned by those he is grossly underestimating. Cube being revealed as some massive beast which became a “prison” of sorts for the Fairy Tail members was an intense development, but it is interesting that out of everyone, Lucy was the only Fairy Tail member to remain unaffected by “Brute Grim” and the Alegria spell. With Marde Guille being limited in how he can use Alegria, it will be interesting to see what happens with Lucy still moving.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 380 – Sayla Unleashed

Fairy Tail chapter 380 - Sayla limit release - colour by belucEn (http://belucen.deviantart.com)

Sayla demon form limiter release – colour by belucEn

Thanks to the element of the Tartarus demons being able to be revived at the resurrection lab in Cube, the Mirajane and Sayla battle became significantly more meaningful, especially when Lamy spilled the beans and revealed the purpose of the lab, “Hell’s Core”. The way Mirajane dealt with the lab and Tartarus’s ability to revive themselves was quite surprising and impressive, I certainly did not expect Mirajane to have taken control of the tentacle thing in the lab, but regardless, seeing Mirajane destroy the reviving containers with Ezel and Franmalth inside was totally satisfying. The main highlight of the chapter though was Sayla and her released demon form, she overwhelmed Mirajane (in her Sitri form) instantaneously after transforming, it was shockingly good. The appearance of the Tartarus Demon King, topped off an already great chapter with another exciting development.

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