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Fairy Tail Chapter 380 – Sayla Unleashed

Fairy Tail chapter 380 - Sayla limit release - colour by belucEn (http://belucen.deviantart.com)

Sayla demon form limiter release – colour by belucEn

Thanks to the element of the Tartarus demons being able to be revived at the resurrection lab in Cube, the Mirajane and Sayla battle became significantly more meaningful, especially when Lamy spilled the beans and revealed the purpose of the lab, “Hell’s Core”. The way Mirajane dealt with the lab and Tartarus’s ability to revive themselves was quite surprising and impressive, I certainly did not expect Mirajane to have taken control of the tentacle thing in the lab, but regardless, seeing Mirajane destroy the reviving containers with Ezel and Franmalth inside was totally satisfying. The main highlight of the chapter though was Sayla and her released demon form, she overwhelmed Mirajane (in her Sitri form) instantaneously after transforming, it was shockingly good. The appearance of the Tartarus Demon King, topped off an already great chapter with another exciting development.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 376 – Wendy Rises

Fairy Tail chapter376 - Dragon Force Wendy - by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

Dragon Force Wendy – by salim202

Overpowered and overwhelmed and pushed to the brink of desperation, Wendy in the face of losing her precious bonds turns to desperate actions awakening the endless potential her magic wields. With the weight of many lives on her smalls shoulders and the inevitable ticking of time against her, Wendy, overcoming her former terror, rises and unleashes her Dragon Force! With five minutes left and a demon in front of her, Wendy gets ready to soar up to the Heavens.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 375 – The Stolen Flames

Fairy Tail chapter 375 - Franmalth steals Natsu's lightning flames

Lightning flame imbued Hades soul huh…Franmalth is more dangerous than he appears…

So Franmalth’s strongest soul really was Hades, how interesting, at least that confirms that Hades did die when Zeref attacked him. I was curious to see how Natsu would fare alone against Franmalth using Hades’s soul and it seems that Franmalth really was pushed on the back foot, well at least until he leaned back on his soul stealing ability to steal Natsu’s lightning flames. Surprising that Franmalth was able to use his ability in that way, but considering that he is one of the demons from Zeref’s books, it does make sense that he is powerful. His personality though does belie his strength. But it was great to be reminded that the demons of the Kyuukimon are strong and won’t be defeated so easily. Looking forward to the upcoming fights.

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