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One Piece Chapter 740 – Faith In Usopp

One Piece chapter 740 - Soldier-san's resolve

C’mon Usopp, you can do it!

Looking at things from Usopp’s perspective, it must not be easy for him; an ordinary human, without any Devil Fruit powers or Haki, going up against unforgiving pirates wielding dangerous fruits, it is expected he would be fearful, yet the level cowardice Usopp is exhibiting now is shocking even me. I just hope Usopp manages to remember the reason he is sailing the Grand Line for and stop himself from running away. Right now, everyone is relying on him, they all have their faith in Usopp seeing through Operation SOP. Usopp is the only one now able to complete Operation SOP, he NEEDS to take Sugar out. I hope that voice inside Usopp called Sogeking manages to make itself heard by Usopp.

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One Piece Chapter 739 – The Legendary Kyros

One Piece chapter 739 - The Legendary Kyros

The Legendary Kyros, what an amazing man

Wow, Soldier-san, what a guy, to continue fighting and having such a positive outlook on life despite the hardships he has had to endure for ten years, I cannot think of anything else besides how unbelievably incredible he is. To continuously battle against reality itself in hopes of revealing the lies intertwined with the truth and ultimately save the nation and its people crippled by the tainted control of Doflamingo, what will and strength this man has. Now I know why the identity of Soldier-san was kept a mystery until this very chapter, because the impact of seeing what Soldier-san had to go through for ten years and the strength he displayed in those years created a set-up so fitting for the man he represented before being turned into a toy. That is, the strongest gladiator in history of the Corrida Colosseum, Kyros.

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