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Bleach Chapter 455 – Lamenting Circumstances

Bleach Chapter 455 - Guess who needs a hand? Coloured by Wish-man (http://wish-man.deviantart.com)

Tsukishima, guess he really was unarmed...

Oh Ichigo, its amusing watching your roller coaster of reactions, from completely terrified to strangely terrifying – he is ready to kill a human!! And unlike in his Shinigami form where he is actually cleansing (aka Bleaching) the soul of Hollow (doesn’t seem like that to me when the Gotei 13 slash away at their enemies with smirks on their faces – so much for liberating the corrupted), here he has a real sword, that really cuts the flesh and bone, that does real damage, and that really does kill. Walking the road of killer requires more thought than what Ichigo is putting in, especially since he is only a teenager (17)!!

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