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Naruto Chapter 617 – Freedom

Naruto chapter 617 - Resolve

I love this panel, it is such a meaningful and powerful scene

The “cage” that binds us, the “cage” that protects us; within its confines, we whisper words of despondency conceding to the fate within the “cage” we find ourselves existing in. Through that state of being, we further extend the reach of confinement to immure our state of mind and further imprison us within this illusionary notion of “imprisonment” to the point of making us blind to the fact that there was never a “cage” there in the first place. To be free within the confines of a “cage” expresses itself to be the boldest form of freedom…Neji’s “cage” and ‘state of imprisonment’ disappeared the moment he realised he was never outside the realms of freedom.

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Naruto Chapter 594 – That’s My Dream!

Naruto Chapter 594 - Infinite Tsukuyomi - colour by Kasukiii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com)

Infinite Tsukuyomi – a world free from individuality – colour by Kasukiii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com)

Well that chapter was certainly epic, especially considering the whole chapter was solely focused on the dealings of Naruto and Co., and ah it’s great to see Kakashi again, I missed him =). This battle between Naruto and Tobi has turned into a clash of beliefs; both believe in the “truths” they follow and both are laying down everything in pursuit of their “dreams” although Tobi’s dream is itself is to place everybody in a neverending “dream”, well illusion to be more precise. The more I see Tobi’s desire to “end reality” the more I’m curious toward the reasons behind such a desire, just what happened to Tobi in the past to make him this way?

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