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Bleach Chapter 669 – Zaraki’s BANKAI

Bleach chapter 669 - Zaraki's Bankai

Zaraki’s Bankai finally UNLEASHED!

Now that was wild, just for the illustrations of Zaraki unleashing makes the chapter worth it completely. That double page spread revealing Zaraki’s Bankai released form was/is amazing – the contrasting black and white coupled with the chaotic rawness was just…beautiful. Finally, with Gerard’s demise about to result we will finally see the end of the Schutzstaffel (well except for the fragments on Lille in Soul Society). The focus can shift back to Ichigo and other important elements of the story.

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Bleach Chapter 665-668 – Bankai VS Vollständig

Bleach chapter 668 - Kenpachi VS Gerard

The last Giant character didn’t amount to much, but fortunately Gerard is somewhat intimidating given his defeat foes

Effectively the battle between the Shinigami and Quincy has come down to a battle of Bankai vs Vollständig, where one power ends ups effectively countering the others strength to ultimately defeat the opponent. Against the multiple of characters battling against Yhwach’s Schutzstaffel (Pernida, Askin, Gerard, Lille), the Quincy are initially overwhelmed by one characters abilities but with the release of their Vollständig, they are able to nullify its danger yet are overcome by the release of another characters Bankai (which serves to counter their ability). Formulaic, yes, but not necessarily bad thanks to the stylized and creative approach of Kubo-sensei. Yet unfortunately its use in these four battles have become repetitive and have ultimately diminished the intrigue this battle against the final Schutzstaffel member has.

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Bleach Chapter 637 – Pernida Parnkgjas

Bleach chapter 637 - Pernida's true form

The Left Arm of the Soul King…the true form of Pernida

Well colour me surprised, even though I was wondering what happened with the Left Arm of the Soul King, I honestly did not expect Pernida’s true form to be that of the Left Arm. Mayuri was correct in questioning Juhabach’s intention with the Left Arm, why has Juhabach not done more with it? Why not absorb it with the rest of the Soul King? Another interesting possibility that now opens up with the Left Arm becoming relevant is what about the Soul King’s right and left legs? If the arms are relevant to the story, why not the legs? With the Left Arm ready to unleash on Mayuri, I can’t help but be excited about the resulting effects.

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Bleach Chapter 635 – The Sternritter Elite Four

Bleach chapter 635 - Yhwach begins his sleep

With Yhwach asleep, Jugram gains the Almighty power of foresight

Finally we get to see Yhwach’s Elite Force in action targetting the Shinigami. With the four members splitting up and encountering different opponents, it will be interesting to find who the final opponent they will each fight will be. Will Grimmjow be able to take out Askin or will it take a combined effort with Ichigo and Co. to take him down. As for the other Elite Force Sternritter, they are beginning to show just why they were able to take out the Zero Division earlier in the arc. As for Jugram, looks like he has woken up with Yhwach going to sleep. I wonder what “future” Jugram saw…

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Bleach Chapter 579 – Fantasy End

Bleach chapter 579 - Female Sternritter - colour by HikariNoGiri (http://hikarinogiri.deviantart.com)

More Sternritter appear in front of Zaraki: Candice, Meninas, Liltotto, and Giselle – – colour by HikariNoGiri

Well it has come at last, fantasy boy Gremmy has finally keeled over and the story can now progress into another of the many battles ongoing within Soul Society. I am surprised Gremmy’s concluding comments took half a chapter to deal with as he has already had substantial time within the last few chapters to be within the focus. Personally I didn’t find his character all that interesting and became indifferent about his character over four chapters ago. Yachiru’s sudden disappearance is interesting, especially with her shinigami outfit and badge left at the scene of the battle. Anyway with Zaraki partially injured and Liltotto, Meninas, Candice, and Giselle showing up I am intrigued to see how this scene will develop (and what happened to Bambietta?).

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Bleach Chaper 578 – The Double-Edged Imagination

Bleach chapter 578 - Zaraki Kenpachi

And he didn’t even need to take his eye patch off, what a beast Zaraki Kenpachi

Well that was a fitting end to the battle, Gremmy killing himself through the perception of Zaraki he had formed within his mind. It was an excessively stretched out fight, especially with the result being obvious from onset, Zaraki was not going to lose to Gremmy, but at least it is over now and we can move on to the other battles and/or other characters. Still, now the Sternritter realises how dangerous Zaraki has become and that is exciting.

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Bleach Chapter 577 – Nozarashi Unleased

Bleach chapter 577 - Kenpachi enthralled

Well dam, you just unleashed the beast Gremmy…

I did say last week that I had wanted Zaraki to quickly dispatch of the meteorite followed by Gremmy, but after seeing how beautifully Kubo-sensei highlighted Zaraki, I don’t freaking mind that it took one whole chapter just to get Zaraki to demolish that meteorite! The sheer audacity Zaraki has to challenge a meteorite of such a massive size, and to do dispose of it in such an effortless fashion, I couldn’t help but be satisfied at how badass Zaraki (and Nozarashi) is.

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Bleach Chapter 576 – Twisted Excitement II

Bleach chapter 576 - Zaraki overwhelming Gremmy

Gremmy still hasn’t realised how much of beast Zaraki really is…

I love Zaraki, but Gremmy is just not cutting the mustard for me, I seriously find myself losing interest in this fight the longer it goes on, especially since this battle is one in which Zaraki shines and Gremmy loses (Gremmy being annoying with his cockiness doesn’t help at all). Hopefully though there is some twist that I won’t be expecting coming up. The mystery of Zaraki’s zanpakutou though is extremely interesting, especially with him invoking its name at the end of this chapter. Zaraki vs Gremmy’s meteorite should be exciting, but hopefully after he deals with it, he quickly dispatches Gremmy as he has already passed his expiration date as an interesting character.

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Bleach Chapter 575 – Twisted Excitement

Bleach chapter 575 - Zaraki excited

Oh Zaraki, what can’t you do?

Gremmy finally opened his eyes fully! And man does he look demonic, especially with that unnerving smile he wears. The more this fight progresses, the more I am feeling that this could in fact be the real Zaraki as opposed to the manifestation of  Yachiru’s imagination after her zanpakutou ‘copied’ Gremmy’s ability =/. Zaraki attitude and the fight he is bringing to Gremmy is so very Zaraki that it makes it hard to believe that it could not be the real him there. Well whatever the case is, hopefully Zaraki manages to silence Gremmy and destroy everything and anything Gremmy is capable of imagining to oppose Zaraki.

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Bleach Chapter 574 – Absorbed In Thought

Bleach chapter 574 - Gremmy vs Zaraki

Yip, just slice through anything he imagines…

Is it just me or does anyone else find Gremmy grossly offensive to the sensibilities? I mean like dam, those squinted eyes and pretentious smile just severely rub me the wrong way. If Kubo-sensei intended to create a character that repeatedly grates away at ones sensibilities, he succeeded, magnificently. Gremmy’s whole design, demeanor, attitude, cockiness, dialog, everything about him screams bastard. I can’t say I’m entertained much by his character so far, the arrogant nature central to his personality is pretty much urging my desire of wanting Zaraki/Yachiru to trash him on. Hopefully this battle won’t take much longer for “Zaraki” to wrap up.

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