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Fairy Tail Chapter 393-394 – The Bond Between Father And Son

Fairy Tail chapter 393 - Gray and Silver

The feelings that can’t be held back…

In hindsight, the truth concerning Silver’s circumstances seems so obvious but prior to learning about that, the little lies Mashima-sensei utilised to misdirect attention away from Silver’s situation ended up being quite effective. Silver as well, he put on a good act for the most part, and all so he could teach Gray an important lesson in realising what truly matters. Without that Gray would have still been haunted by his nightmares of Deliora. Silver may have been dead for 17 years and forced Gray into a situation he never wanted to be in, but for all intents and purposes, in the end Silver was great father to Gray, expressing the affection and love both Mika and he have for Gray through that momentary embrace which will be a lasting memory for Gray.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 374 – Soul Stealer

Fairy Tail chapter 374 - Franmalth's most powerful soul

Is that Hades?

I was actually expecting Lucy and Wendy to end up fighting Keith, but I suppose since Lucy, Happy, Wendy and Carla are the only ones currently who know that Face’s timer has been activated, it does make more sense for them to avoid the battle and try and stop Face from activating. Was cool to see Gray encounter Keith and have the passing comment by Keith relating Gray and Silver. Franmalth’s ability was interesting, so he can absorb the soul of other living beings into himself and take on the abilities and appearance they have (reminds me of Buu from Dragon Ball). Will be interesting to see how Natsu and Lucy take on Franmalth that ability of his, especially with his “most powerful” soul seeming quite dangerous.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 373 – 41 Minutes

Fairy Tail chapter 373 - 41 minutes to stop Face from activating

What a 41 minutes this is going to be

Everything has become a lot more tense and exciting now with a timer being placed on Face’s activation. Within these 41 minutes until Face activates and all magic onn the continent is rendered null, can Fairy Tail defeat the Tartarus members opposing them and stop Face from activating? And will Jellal, Meredy and Oración Seis have a further role within this arc? Beyond the developments of Face though, who is this E.N.D. Zeref mentioned, the greatest demon “book” of he created? Why couldn’t Igneel kill him and why will Natsu be faced by such an extreme choice when encountering E.N.D.? Whatever happens within these 41 minutes and after, it feels like something significant is going to be changed.

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