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One Piece Chapter 902 – Escape

One Piece chapter 902 - Big Mom's melody

What an apprehensive melody

Along with the light at the end of the tunnel arises the shadow of uncertainty following closely behind and such is the end reached with the joyous escape dipped deep within the foreboding nature of its substance. An end with ominous shades and threatening consequences. The Straw Hat Pirates escaped yet their allies: the Sun Pirates, Jinbe, the Germa 66, Capone, Chiffon, Pound, Pudding, Caesar and Pedro, their fates were left uncertain and largely at the mercy of the Big Mom Pirates.

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One Piece Chapter 896 – Luffy And Katakuri

One Piece chapter 896 - Luffy and Katakuri

Just as Katakuri acknowledged Luffy, Luffy has acknowledged Katakuri as more than an enemy – but as a fighter that he respects

How unexpected. I didn’t think I would like this battle much. I didn’t think I would find Katakuri all that interesting. I didn’t think the conclusion of this battle would deliver a memorable end. And yet, here I am, absolutely in love with this battle, a fan of Katakuri, emotionally gripped by the conclusion of the battle and moved by the bond formed by the two fighters. There had to be a victor and yet it doesn’t seem like either lost. In the end what is certain is the real victor were the readers.

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One Piece Chapter 895 – Gear Fourth Snake Man

One Piece chapter 895 - Gear Fourth Snake Man

Katakuri really was caught off-guard by the coiling nature of Snake Man!

What an exhilarating epic climax to this eventful battle that has established what the readers have been hoping for since the Straw Hat Pirates entered the New World, the setting of the standard for New World battles. There have been some great battles since the Straw Hat Pirates regathered to continue their journey but none of the battles has stood out in terms of setting the level the Straw Hat Pirates need to be at to combat the serious enemies within the New World, until now. Luffy has had to push himself to his limits and beyond to combat Katakuri and even still, he has just caught up with Katakuri. The deciding factor now will depend on who anticipates their opponents action more accurately.

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One Piece Chapter 894 – Gear Fourth Variant

One Piece chapter 894 - Luffy's Gear Fourth Snake Man

It’s on! Luffy unleashes his Snake Man form

Through pain, exhaustion and fighting on the edge constantly throughout the battle against Katakuri, Luffy has managed to develop his Kenbunshoku Haki to a level where he can counter one who can glimpse several seconds into that current future. Hours spent exhausting himself taking beatings from Katakuri and attempting to perfectly counter him has established a base onto which Luffy has designed his new Gear Fourth variant form. A form that presumably will allow Luffy’s body to utilise his heightened Kenbunshoku Haki to its fullest extent and close the gap currently left between Katakuri and himself.

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One Piece Chapter 892-893 – Charlotte Katakuri

One Piece chapter 893 - Katakuri's pride as a warrior

That was so badass

Is it wrong to not want Katakuri to lose now? Even though I want Luffy to win, I have found myself suddenly and unexpectedly charmed by Katakuri. From embodying the nasty qualities of the Big Mom Pirates, Katakuri has now shown what lies beneath that “perfect brother” shell moulded by the weight of others expectations. Katakuri beyond the self feeling obliged to meet his family’s expectations is an individual filled with pride and the spirit of a warrior. Katakuri’s reaction to Flampe’s interference completely redefined his character. A redefinition that compells the reader to reevaluate their perception of Katakuri. This without a doubt is the chapter that made me a Katakuri fan.

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One Piece chapter 891 - Luffy VS Katakuri 2

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One Piece Chapter 891 – Luffy VS Katakuri III

One Piece chapter 891 - Luffy VS Katakuri

Overpowered but not overwhelmed

What a tough life Katakuri must lead needing to meet the ridiculously high expectations his family and the Big Mom army have of him. Anything below perfect would be a stain against his radiant form and betray the image the Big Mom Pirates have of him in their mind. Their judgement demands perfection and all Katakuri can do is attempt to satisfy that expectation however impossible that may be. Unfortunately, the day such expectations were deflated is today, the day Katakuri will be defeated.

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One Piece Chapter 888 – The Mink Transformation

One Piece chapter 888 - Carrot's Moon Lion Transformation

Carrot’s Moon Lion Transformation

With a Full Moon revealing itself during the Tea Party event in Totland we finally get a glimpse at what the Mink’s Full Moon transformation is like. More than just sending the Mink into a feral state, the Moon transformation matures the Mink and enhances their capabilities. As for the white hair in that state, we will have to wait to see if the white hair is consistent through other Mink’s transformations or whether it is specific to just Carrot. What we can confirm is that the power associated with the Full Moon transformation is real.

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One Piece Chapter 884 – Gear Fourth Luffy VS Katakuri

One Piece chapter 884 - Luffy unleashes on Katakuri

Unleash it Luffy!

FINALLY! Katakuri finally got to have a taste of what Gear Fourth is like. An unmatched boldness mixed in with the sweetness of panic and seasoned with the spice of pain. A dish so fulfilling Katakuri couldn’t help but be taken aback by its explosive flavours. What a deliciously satisfying moment to signal the shift in momentum. That counterattack by Luffy has been a long time coming. Even with Katakuri regaining his composure, his weakness has been exposed. Luffy knows Katakuri isn’t invincible and with that Katakuri is now going to find out how badly he has underestimated Luffy. Defeat is going to be the next dish Katakuri taste. The liberating, mellow and ever bitter taste of defeat.

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One Piece Chapter 883 – Katakuri’s Secret

One Piece chapter 883 - Katakuri's secret

And what a scene it was!

Of course that was going to happen. Of course Katakuri flipped his own character image once away from the rest of the Big Mom Pirates. Of course he was secretly an eccentric character mad about sugar and sweets. Of course the Big Mom Pirates know nothing about this and remain oblivious to the true personalities of their family. Of course Oda-sensei surprised us again with how much fun he is having with Katakuri. But seriously, I did not expect that to happen. Until I saw Katakuri playing with his food while on his back in that ridiculous pose with his mouth wide open, I would not have believed it and yet with it having happened, it feels so natural.

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One Piece Chapter 882 – Luffy VS Katakuri II

One Piece Chapter 882 - Katakuri


Despite the obvious trouble Luffy is in, his battle with Katakuri is incredibly necessary towards him developing his fighting capabilities up to the point where he can stand against New World opponents. Much like it was with Crocodile in Paradise, the overwhelmed Luffy needed to find a way to defeat the overpowering opponent representative of the enemies he will face across that sea. In order for his crew to exist within the New World without the umbrella of the Yonko, Luffy, the Captain, needs to showcase how capable he is. And Luffy defeating Katakuri, the strongest child of Big Mom whom Brulee just built up to an insane degree, would definitely express Luffy’s capabilities boldly.

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