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Naruto Chapter 655 – The “Pillars” Supporting Naruto

Naruto chapter 655 - Kakashi and Obito - colour by StingCunha (http://stingcunha.deviantart.com)

What do those eyes see… – colour by StingCunha

Through Kakashi we are given some idea what the difference between Obito and Naruto could be. Naruto has the trait of drawing people into him and making them feel like wanting to help him. Naruto’s refusal to accept and bend to society’s “reality” and his one-track mind to pursue what he really wants regardless of the likelihood opens people’s eyes to the possibilities of life and gets them to want to try the same. They start to believe in a future and place their hopes in Naruto supporting him whenever he stumbles. Obito wasn’t fortunate enough to have someone support him when he was at a crossroads deciding what to do and as a result, he became driven by despair. The contrast between a person with support and one without is clearly showcased this chapter.

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Naruto Chapter 651 – These Are My Bonds

Naruto chapter 651 - These are my bonds

The bonds shared between friends

The artwork this chapter was spectacular, beyond the usual goodness we are to treated to. Seeing Naruto and Sasuke merge chakra and engage Obito as a united unit rather than two separate individual’s was just awesome. Having the rest of the Konoha crew join in to help create an opening for Naruto and Sasuke added to the grand nature of the counterattack and seeing it pulled off with the collective feelings of the characters drove home one of the most relevant themes in Naruto. I admit it was cheesy, but the situation called for it and this is exactly what Naruto is about; bonds and overcoming adversity TOGETHER. The images flashing through Obito’s mind as he crossed blades and chakra with Naruto was a surprise, but it was fitting, it represented exactly what the differences between Obito and Naruto are. Obito poisoned by Madara’s influence and hatred deviated from the path he would have normally gone down – turning to his friends for help.

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Naruto Chapter 650 – I Can Dream On My Own

Naruto chapter 650 - Let's Finish This - colour by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

Let’s Finish This – colour by i-azu

Those familiar words said over and over again throughout the course of Naruto which have become much too familiar with have never sounded so good. Beyond reason and beyond explanation, those very words establish the direction in which he travels, a path transcending external circumstances and the vulnerabilities of human perception, it is a path that will never waver from the direction it has set. It is about time Obito got a taste of those words many others before him have had the pleasure of being embraced by. This time Naruto comes along with a friend =D. Great chapter.

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Naruto Chapter 616 – What It Means To Be A Shinobi

Naruto Chapter 616 - Colour by TheALM (http://thealm.deviantart.com)

To endure, means to be a shinobi – colour by TheALM

With the power to protect your comrades comes the curse of your failure to protect them; on the borderline of life and death, shinobi walk the narrow path of existence ever open to descend into the darkness below. Well that is how things should appear to a shinobi, but Naruto, he pretty much kicks that to the curb and rewrites the thinking into one where even if this “curse” were to tighten itself around his life, now that he realises that his comrades are fighting and willing to die for a purpose, for a future, he will look past this concept of “death” and continue on towards that future many hope for ever-remembering the dreams and actions of the people who fell in pursuit of it.

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Naruto Chaper 597-614 – Reality Seen Through Eyes

Naruto Chapter 604 - Uchiha Obito

The life extinguished from the light into the shadows

Directional and overlooking, the limitation of understanding deludes judgement into a state of rigidity and presumptuousness. “Reality” grasped through individuals formulates itself through subjective experiences and restrictive outlooks encompassing the “life” central to the “present” experienced by each individual. When “reality” beckons and “existence” crumbles, assumptive eyes rush past reason straight to reaction ultimately painting understanding devoid of acceptance and openness.

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Naruto Chapter 596 – The Copy Ninja Kakashi

Naruto Chapter 596 - Kakashi - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (http://iitheyahikodarkii.deviantart.com)

Kakashi means business! – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (http://iitheyahikodarkii.deviantart.com)

So a crack did appear on Tobi’s mask! A shame I missed that on my initial read of the previous chapter but I did pick up on it when I re-read the chapter. Had a feeling it was Kakashi’s chakra-infused kunai that caused the crack rather than Naruto’s attack but wow, how awesome was it that Kakashi was able to analyse such a development so thoroughly and come up with a theory that proved effective against Tobi. Had a feeling that Kakashi’s Kamui and Tobi’s space-time migration jutsu were connected, so excited to see what’s going to happen now.

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Naruto Chapter 595 – The Man Called Tobi

Naruto Chapter 595 Color Spread - Naruto and Tobi - colour by Kasukiii and Bl4ckBurn (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com/)

Naruto vs Tobi, the man known as “no one” – colour by Bl4ckBurn and Kasukiii

What an intense chapter, all the pages dedicated to Naruto, Kakashi, Guy and Hachibi attempting to catch Tobi off guard and expose an opening to counter him. Ultimately they weren’t able to hit Tobi let alone even touch him with all their attack plans but they were able to avoid Tobi absorbing Naruto so that’s counts for something. Still in this situation where they don’t understand Tobi’s ability, just how will they proceed? And what is up with Tobi anyway, I’m hungry for his back-story or some explanation behind this man shrouded in mystery who considers him self “no one”.

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Naruto Chapter 594 – That’s My Dream!

Naruto Chapter 594 - Infinite Tsukuyomi - colour by Kasukiii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com)

Infinite Tsukuyomi – a world free from individuality – colour by Kasukiii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com)

Well that chapter was certainly epic, especially considering the whole chapter was solely focused on the dealings of Naruto and Co., and ah it’s great to see Kakashi again, I missed him =). This battle between Naruto and Tobi has turned into a clash of beliefs; both believe in the “truths” they follow and both are laying down everything in pursuit of their “dreams” although Tobi’s dream is itself is to place everybody in a neverending “dream”, well illusion to be more precise. The more I see Tobi’s desire to “end reality” the more I’m curious toward the reasons behind such a desire, just what happened to Tobi in the past to make him this way?

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