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Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 2 - Kafka defeats a Kaiju

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Kaiju No. 8 (Manga)

Kaiju No.8 chapter 2 - Kafka's dream

In a world tormented by destructive Kaiju; terror, ruin and the fear of death permeate the fibers of reality. Against such infernal beasts, humanity has consolidated their hope in a heroic few who act to defend the world from such a hopeless state of actuality. But beyond the focus of the world, there exist an uncelebrated role overlooked by the society that relies of their efforts in order to function after the devastation left by a Kaiju incident. Whether it is procuring parts for research purposes, surveying the scene to prevent further damage, or clearing up the aftermath so that society can return, what is critical after the “heroes” arrive to defeat a Kaiju is precisely, cleanly, efficiently and within a specified deadline dismantling the corpse of the Kaiju. The very structure, process, and danger present in the task is one invisible to the world. But fortunately for the readers looking into such a horrific and despairing setting, hope has been born in the form of a passionate Kaiju dismantler who seeks to expand his skill-set by becoming a defender of the people. Unfortunately the road to dreams is paved by forest of uncertainty and rivers of detours. Our hero finds himself caught in a scenario against the very direction he wishes to travel but when the future remains unknown, the freedom to choose exist all the while stumbling towards the end.

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