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Fairy Tail Chapter 513 – Mother And Daughter

Fairy Tail chapter 513 - Irene reveals the truth

The relation between Irene and Erza is finally revealed!

The secret bond between Irene and Erza has finally been confirmed and as was made apparent since Irene’s introduction, they are mother and daughter albeit ones separated by a genuine relationship. Erza never knew her mother and Irene was long since under the assumption that Erza had perished some time in the past. As a result, the revelation of the truth ends up as a disconnect and the subsequent reactions of the two leads them to approaching the situation in a callous and indifferent manner. Irene has since realising the truth resolved to defeat her daughter and Erza in disbelief continues to stand against Irene regardless of whether Irene is her biological mother. There is no connection between the two to serve as an expression of their bond, only an empty relation which see’s the two of them baring their magic against each other.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 512 – The White Shadow Dragon Slayer

Fairy Tail Chapter 512 - Sting defeats Larcade

With the combined efforts of his fellow members and Kagura, Sting defeats Larcade

Was Larcade really ‘created’ to be Zeref’s trump card against Acnologia? Did Zeref really believe the ability to control desire would overwhelm Acnologia and serve as the basis for Acnologia’s defeat? If so, than Zeref severely underestimated Acnologia and overestimated Larcade’s abilities. Sure Larcade has powerful abilities, but to the point of being able to subject Acnologia to his desires? I honestly don’t think so. Larcade would be torn to shreds before he even had a chance to utter anything dealing with souls ascending to heaven. That is just the might of Acnologia. Once Larcade’s abilities are overcome, there isn’t anything else remaining that makes Larcade a terrifying opponent. As such, once Sting overcame Larcade’s R.I.P. ability, he was able to turn the tables and land a striking blow onto Larcade. But if Larcade is defeated here, what did August mean that Larcade can only be defeated by his mother? And when will we get to learn what Larcade is and how he is connected to Zeref, Mavis and Natsu?

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Fairy Tail Chapter 509 – Larcade Dragneel

Fairy Tail chapter 509 - Kagura

Kagura VS Larcade

Wait, what? Is Mashima-sensei seriously implying what I believe he is implying? When did Mavis give birth to a child? Was this after their kiss and before he dumped her body in front of Hades? If this is the case, wouldn’t Larcade be incredibly old? Is Larcade an illusion created by Mavis? The are so many questions. Honestly, I did not expect this. Neither did I expect Kagura being dispatched so effortlessly by Larcade. Let’s hope Mashima-sensei has more planned for her! Continue reading


Fairy Tail Chapter 508 – The Innocence Of Experience

Fairy Tail chapter 508 - Kagura arrives

What an unexpected surprise, looking forward to this battle

Well this chapter sure developed in an unexpected way. Why does Larcade even have the ability to unleash a wave of pleasure onto those who have experienced it before? Sure it made for one ‘interesting’ chapter but what an awkward turn of events. Larcade did return the favour (to an extent) to Fairy Law as several characters are now incapacitated due to the embrace of pleasure. With the pure mermaid, Kagura, now having entered the fray, Larcade may have met a being of more purity to challenge him.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 315 – From Back Then…

Fairy Tail Chapter 315 - Kagura's reaction - colour by rechever3 (http://rechever3.deviantart.com)

Kagura’s reaction to a shocking truth – colour by rechever3

As expected, Erza did refuse to give her life up to satisfy Kagura’s revenge; there was just too much worth attached to her life for her to even consider giving it up like that, she had to live for both Rob and Simon who gave their lives protecting her (Natsu, Jellal and the rest of her nakama are also reasons for her to live as well). The flashback about Rosemary village was surprising though, was not expecting that twist, but it’s a lovely twist by Mashima-sensei, it established a connection between Erza and Kagura which easily deflated the anger Kagura directed towards Erza.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 314 – Resurfacing Memories

Fairy Tail Chapter 314 - Erza vs Kagura - by rechever3 (http://rechever3.deviantart.com)

Erza’s tears of grief… – colour by rechever3

So Kagura is Simon’s sister…what a surprise, I completely skipped over that possibility when thinking about the possible reasons Kagura could have to bear her sword against Jellal. What an interesting twist, a twist that enkindled painful memories to resurface in Erza, a twist that turned Erza to the weakness she bears and the grief she has been facing ever since her weakness caused Simon’s death.

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