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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Part 2)

Inside Majora's Tree

Inside the Moon - The Lone Tree

The side quest section of Majora’s Mask is even bigger than the story section, but that’s what makes Majora’s Mask so much fun to play. It’s unique in that it doesn’t follow with what the set story formula the other Zelda games follow (well I haven’t played the Gameboy and DS Zelda games, but I want to) – princess Zelda or her incarnate or her alternate universe self being caught up in trouble with Ganon or Ganondorf or his alternate universe self. Majora’s Mask follows the game play and dungeon formula set by the other Zelda games, but it takes it even further by introducing the Mask side quest and makes it such a large part of the game – how  cool is was filling all those Masks collected with happiness.

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