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Bleach Chapter 483 – Echoes Of The End

Bleach Chapter 483 - Yamamoto Genryuusai

Ohhhhhhhhhh YEAH! How badass Yamamoto Genryuusai

Now that was an enjoyable Bleach chapter; badass Ichigo and Soul Society in crisis, how exciting. I was not expecting it, but Ichigo has become quite the thinker in battle, analyzing his opponent and noticing the strangeness in his actions – I guess his training with the Fullbringers helped after all.

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Bleach Chaper 482 – Fragments Of A Fued

Bleach Chapter 482 - The Quincy Return

The return of the Quincy and the revival of a deep seeded hatred?

Ho ho ho, so the Quincy return, this certainly is surprising. When I read the title of this arc the first time – “The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc” – I had thought that it was too short to be referring to the War between Hollow and Shinigami and I had thought that it was too long to be referring to the War between the Quincy and the Shinigami, but it looks like I read the “most of the Quincy were wiped out over 200 years ago” too literally, focusing on the ‘200 years ago’ closing my mind off to the possibility that 800 years before that something between the Quincy and Shinigami may have sparked the two factions fued causing this Thousand-Year Blood War to begin.

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