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Bleach Chapter 525-535 – Perpetual Embrace

Bleach ch535 - The Story of Destiny - colour by YesimTekin (http://yesimtekin.deviantart.com)

The Story of Destiny – colour by YesimTekin (http://yesimtekin.deviantart.com)

Someone pinch me…I honestly can’t believe this, but Bleach has become so incredibly enjoyable to read (more then it was), I absolutely love it and this arc in Bleach is definitely what I’ve been waiting for ever since the Arrancar arc turned hollow. This arc is by far my favourite Bleach arc, it represents exactly what Bleach is about and covers [almost] everything I’ve been wanting from Bleach, ah my diminished passion has now been reignited ablaze. Thank you Kubo-sensei.

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Bleach Chapter 459 – Hey My Friend

Bleach Chapter 459 - Ichigo and Rukia - coloured by benderZz (http://benderzz.deviantart.com)

A smile warm enough to melt the misery and despair freezing Ichigo's heart - coloured by benderZz (http://benderzz.deviantart.com)

So that’s how it is, Ginjou and Tsukishima were actually working together, guess I was wrong in predicting that the two weren’t in league with one another, but that’s fine, I like how things turned out. Rather than more mystery and twist, it’s great the arc is finally getting into heart of things and finally revealing just what direction it intends to travel towards. Ichigo just isn’t the same without Rukia around, I have come to realise this arc that Rukia served as much more than just a friend to Ichigo. Just as Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo were part of Ichigo, Rukia’s presence served as something equally important. With Rukia around, Ichigo can be the Ichigo that is the hero of Bleach, rather than some whiney manipulated boy which he was during this arc (completely and utterly manipulated by Ginjou and Tsukishima without putting up much resistance).

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Bleach Chapter 454 – The Breaking Point Of Sanity

Bleach Chapter 454 - Ichigo's desire to kill - coloured by Silvercore94 (http://silvercore94.deviantart.com)

Ichigo's twisting sanity leads him to a desire to kill - coloured by Silvercore94 (http://silvercore94.deviantart.com)

Isshin and Kisuke finally get some coverage…but it’s only for two pages and it only shows them walking down the street with grim expressions on their faces with Isshin carrying some sword emanating a strange sort of energy – is that a form of reiatsu that will help kick-start the Shinigami powers in Ichigo and awaken Zangetsu? Well whatever is happening with Isshin and Kisuke, we’ll have to wait until they are covered again – probably in 3 or so chapters time…hopefully the next time they are covered, more substance is revealed…

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