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Bleach Chapter 619-620 – The All-Mighty King

Bleach chapter 619 - Juhabach

Things sure look ominous…

Oh Uryuu, how thoughtful of you to act as the villain and create an exit for Ichigo and Co. to survive their encounter with Juhabach, all in order so they can regroup and come up with a place to actually take down Juhabach and his “All-Mighty”/”All-Seeing”/”All-Trolling” power. Uryuu understands the terror Juhabach represents and he has come up with an elaborate ruse to fool the Sternritter and keep Ichigo and Co. alive. Badass.

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Bleach Episode 326 – The Battle Hungry Beast

Bleach - 326 - Kenpachi1

What a boss. Why dodge when you can just take it? This is why Kenpachi is awesome

Yeah Kenpachi was badass this episode and overall this episode was really entertaining and eventful. Rolling like the boss he is and dispatching with whatever gets in his way with brutal slashes and savage punches and kicks (poor ninja…). No need for flashy Zanpakuto releases or lengthy Kido incarnations, just good old entertaining crude fighting =).

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