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Fairy Tail Chapter 508 – The Innocence Of Experience

Fairy Tail chapter 508 - Kagura arrives

What an unexpected surprise, looking forward to this battle

Well this chapter sure developed in an unexpected way. Why does Larcade even have the ability to unleash a wave of pleasure onto those who have experienced it before? Sure it made for one ‘interesting’ chapter but what an awkward turn of events. Larcade did return the favour (to an extent) to Fairy Law as several characters are now incapacitated due to the embrace of pleasure. With the pure mermaid, Kagura, now having entered the fray, Larcade may have met a being of more purity to challenge him.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 507 – Message

Fairy Tail chapter 507 - the message for Natsu and Gray

Through Erza, Makarov leaves his final message for Natsu and Gray

Buried under the rage of negativity, feelings of camaraderie and respect blur into obscurity as the meaning of a guild loses itself under the weight of that animosity. Natsu and Gray have cast themselves into their primal rage and through that submerged state, they lost sight of the bonds they share. Carrying the teachings of Makarov and in essence, Fairy Tail, Erza pierces through their hostility reminding them of the bond they share. Through her pain and resonance with Makarov’s teachings, Natsu and Gray come to escape the destructive states they found themselves in.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 504 – Gray VS E.N.D.

Fairy Tail Chapter 504 - Gray VS Natsu

The inevitable battle begins

The unavoidable battle between Natsu and Gray has finally begun and the void now existing between the two has compelled each of them to bear their fist against the other. Friends, now turned into obstacles that the other needs to stop. Natsu driven by his demon nature to seek out Zeref and destroy him and Gray, resolved to dispose of Zeref’s demons as vengeance against what they had done to his parents and Ur. With each of them suffering from a severe case of tunnel vision, it looks like outside influence is needed in bringing them both back to their senses.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 476-500 – Ishgar VS Alvarez II

Fairy Tail Chapter 494 - The Spriggan Twelve

The Spriggan Twelve gather to stand against the mages of the Ishgar

Resolved, connected, determined, tenacious, angered and above all unyielding; the mages of Ishgar stand tall against an overwhelming enemy laying their spirits and very lives on the line to secure the path to tomorrow in which they can continue adventuring in together. Moving forward one step at a time, they challenge the inevitable and express to the Alvarez Empire just how terrifying the mages of Ishgar can be.

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