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Fairy Tail Chapter 517 – Irene’s Madness And Wendy’s Pride

Fairy Tail chapter 517 - Wendy overwhelms Irene

Within that tiny body an immense spirit resides

Despite the gap in magical abilities, Wendy manages to push beyond her limits and reach a state allowing her to utilise Enchantment Magic matching Irene’s level. Even with Irene’s twisted desire to remain within Wendy and start anew, Wendy’s desire to return to the body holding her memories, in the form of her scars, of the times she shared with those precious to her overwhelmed Irene. Now once again, mother and daughter face off against each other.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 516 – Irene’s Despair

Fairy Tail chapter 516 - Irene's despair

Surely, there must be a way to reclaim ones humanity once transformed…surely…

The fate of the Dragon Slayers leads to an end scorched in chaos and lamented by torment as the doomed plays spectator to their vanishing humanity powerless to prevent. With the essence of the Dragons coursing through them, the overwhelming Dragon presence within each Dragon Slayer eventually consumes them transforming the bearer into a Dragon with their human sides lost within the maelstrom of rage. The only way past that fate is to silence the Dragon essence within through the use of a power even more overwhelming – with the essence of a Dragon seeking to protect them from being consumed. Continue reading

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Fairy Tail – Irene Belserion, A Mother’s Sacrifice

Irene Belserion - colour by Silestiya18 (http://silestiya18.deviantart.com)

Just you wait Irene, your daughter will save you – colour by Silestiya18

There are certain developments within Fairy Tail that I believe so strongly will happen that I can’t help but theorize about and structure my very perception around. Developments that arrest my thoughts and beckon my heart deeply and intensely. Among them is Irene Belserion being saved from her centuries long suffering and pain. For Irene to get the opportunity to feel human again and to experience what it is like to be a mother. I believe wholeheartedly in this.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 515 – Irene And Erza

Fairy Tail chapter 515 - Irene protecting Erza

How cruel humanity can be…

Irene endured for her child, she lived for her child and she even sacrificed her own humanity to protect her child. It was not by choice, it was by circumstance. When everything else was falling down around her, it was her love for her daughter that empowered her, her love that wished to protect her daughter. I just cannot see this battle going on without those feelings and sacrifices being reciprocated. Irene may be trying to kill Erza now, but once upon time before her senses numbed and emotions froze, she lived to protect her Erza. If it is Erza, I am sure she will save her mother and make her feel again, feel what it is like to be a mother. Please save Irene, Erza…

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Fairy Tail Chapter 514 – Irene Belserion, The Queen Of Dragons


Fairy Tail chapter 514 - The Mother of Dragon Slayer

Developing a Secret Magic Art in order to protect the peace they struggled to reach

A past where unity was sought, a place where differences connected and a community where peace was protected. The land of Ishgar 400 years past was one of maturity and growth. In a time where Dragons sought supremacy, kingdoms in Ishgar rose above that reality and etched a society where Dragons and humans can coexist with one another and work together. At the forefront of this was Irene and Belserion, a human and a dragon both with a desire to walk a path different from the rest of their kind.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 513 – Mother And Daughter

Fairy Tail chapter 513 - Irene reveals the truth

The relation between Irene and Erza is finally revealed!

The secret bond between Irene and Erza has finally been confirmed and as was made apparent since Irene’s introduction, they are mother and daughter albeit ones separated by a genuine relationship. Erza never knew her mother and Irene was long since under the assumption that Erza had perished some time in the past. As a result, the revelation of the truth ends up as a disconnect and the subsequent reactions of the two leads them to approaching the situation in a callous and indifferent manner. Irene has since realising the truth resolved to defeat her daughter and Erza in disbelief continues to stand against Irene regardless of whether Irene is her biological mother. There is no connection between the two to serve as an expression of their bond, only an empty relation which see’s the two of them baring their magic against each other.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 508 – The Innocence Of Experience

Fairy Tail chapter 508 - Kagura arrives

What an unexpected surprise, looking forward to this battle

Well this chapter sure developed in an unexpected way. Why does Larcade even have the ability to unleash a wave of pleasure onto those who have experienced it before? Sure it made for one ‘interesting’ chapter but what an awkward turn of events. Larcade did return the favour (to an extent) to Fairy Law as several characters are now incapacitated due to the embrace of pleasure. With the pure mermaid, Kagura, now having entered the fray, Larcade may have met a being of more purity to challenge him.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 507 – Message

Fairy Tail chapter 507 - the message for Natsu and Gray

Through Erza, Makarov leaves his final message for Natsu and Gray

Buried under the rage of negativity, feelings of camaraderie and respect blur into obscurity as the meaning of a guild loses itself under the weight of that animosity. Natsu and Gray have cast themselves into their primal rage and through that submerged state, they lost sight of the bonds they share. Carrying the teachings of Makarov and in essence, Fairy Tail, Erza pierces through their hostility reminding them of the bond they share. Through her pain and resonance with Makarov’s teachings, Natsu and Gray come to escape the destructive states they found themselves in.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 504 – Gray VS E.N.D.

Fairy Tail Chapter 504 - Gray VS Natsu

The inevitable battle begins

The unavoidable battle between Natsu and Gray has finally begun and the void now existing between the two has compelled each of them to bear their fist against the other. Friends, now turned into obstacles that the other needs to stop. Natsu driven by his demon nature to seek out Zeref and destroy him and Gray, resolved to dispose of Zeref’s demons as vengeance against what they had done to his parents and Ur. With each of them suffering from a severe case of tunnel vision, it looks like outside influence is needed in bringing them both back to their senses.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 476-500 – Ishgar VS Alvarez II

Fairy Tail Chapter 494 - The Spriggan Twelve

The Spriggan Twelve gather to stand against the mages of the Ishgar

Resolved, connected, determined, tenacious, angered and above all unyielding; the mages of Ishgar stand tall against an overwhelming enemy laying their spirits and very lives on the line to secure the path to tomorrow in which they can continue adventuring in together. Moving forward one step at a time, they challenge the inevitable and express to the Alvarez Empire just how terrifying the mages of Ishgar can be.

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