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Bleach Chapter 575 – Twisted Excitement

Bleach chapter 575 - Zaraki excited

Oh Zaraki, what can’t you do?

Gremmy finally opened his eyes fully! And man does he look demonic, especially with that unnerving smile he wears. The more this fight progresses, the more I am feeling that this could in fact be the real Zaraki as opposed to the manifestation of  Yachiru’s imagination after her zanpakutou ‘copied’ Gremmy’s ability =/. Zaraki attitude and the fight he is bringing to Gremmy is so very Zaraki that it makes it hard to believe that it could not be the real him there. Well whatever the case is, hopefully Zaraki manages to silence Gremmy and destroy everything and anything Gremmy is capable of imagining to oppose Zaraki.

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Bleach Chapter 574 – Absorbed In Thought

Bleach chapter 574 - Gremmy vs Zaraki

Yip, just slice through anything he imagines…

Is it just me or does anyone else find Gremmy grossly offensive to the sensibilities? I mean like dam, those squinted eyes and pretentious smile just severely rub me the wrong way. If Kubo-sensei intended to create a character that repeatedly grates away at ones sensibilities, he succeeded, magnificently. Gremmy’s whole design, demeanor, attitude, cockiness, dialog, everything about him screams bastard. I can’t say I’m entertained much by his character so far, the arrogant nature central to his personality is pretty much urging my desire of wanting Zaraki/Yachiru to trash him on. Hopefully this battle won’t take much longer for “Zaraki” to wrap up.

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