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Kaiju No.8 chapter 16 - The Humanoid Kaiju defending against Leno's attack and launching his own attack on Leno

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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 15-17 – Battle Against The Humanoid Kaiju

Kaiju No.8 chapter 17 - Kafka arrives to take on the Humanoid Kaiju

For a second there, I was worried Leno would die. Even though his death could have served a purpose to drive the story, I have grown really fond of his character so I am glad the direction the manga is heading involves Leno being alive and developing alongside Kafka, Kikoru and the other Defense Force members. Further, I wasn’t expecting Iharu to get such focus in this moment. I suspected Leno would send him away to get help but to have Iharu wrestle with his own past and doubt in himself, that was a welcome addition to the developments in this arc. It helped create a defining moment for Iharu. Even though the Humanoid Kaiju was too overwhelming for both Leno and Iharu, they managed to delay it long enough for help in the form of Kaiju No.8 to arrive. With Kafka and the Humanoid Kaiju having now encountered each other, I am fascinated to learn what the Humanoid Kaiju has to say about Kaiju No.8.

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