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One Piece Chapter 917 – Saving Tama

One Piece Chapter 917 - Luffy VS Holdem

And this is why we love Luffy

This chapter made me smile so much. Rather than dance around the middle tier opponents, Oda-sensei recognizes Luffy’s growth he conveyed in previous arcs and has immediately set-up the Luffy VS Jack battle. It would have been troublesome if Holdem gave Luffy a hard time, so its exciting to see Luffy’s strength reciprocated in his actions against the Beast Pirates. Luffy is strong and after having fought with Katakuri, he is ready to take on the Beast Pirates Calamities/Disasters. No need to consume time and pages focusing on Luffy against the sub-sub-leaders of the Beast Pirates. Regardless of whether Holdem remains relevant to the arc after this chapter, he got served the Caesar treatment by Luffy. At best if Holden returns, he will be matched up against another Straw Hat Pirate.

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