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Bleach Chapter 548 – Overcoming The Handicap

Bleach chapter 548 - Growl Haineko - by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

The results of Toushirou and Rangiku’s training – by i-azu

So that’s how Toushirou went about overcoming his inability to release his Bankai now. Quite creative and unexpected to see Rangiku’s Haineko utilised in such a way to strengthen the ice. I’ve yet to wrap my head fully around what exactly Toushirou did but I kind of get the general idea of what he accomplished by creating multiple layers of thin ice in the walls. Going to be incredibly cool to see Toushirou and Rangiku battle alongside each other coordinating their zanpakutou abilities together.

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Bleach Episode 326 – The Battle Hungry Beast

Bleach - 326 - Kenpachi1

What a boss. Why dodge when you can just take it? This is why Kenpachi is awesome

Yeah Kenpachi was badass this episode and overall this episode was really entertaining and eventful. Rolling like the boss he is and dispatching with whatever gets in his way with brutal slashes and savage punches and kicks (poor ninja…). No need for flashy Zanpakuto releases or lengthy Kido incarnations, just good old entertaining crude fighting =).

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