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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 78-79 – The Dragon’s Sin Of Wrath

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 79 - Melodias VS Gilthunder

I am really curious about the origins of Melodias’s demon powers

That was a bit surprising, for Melodias to be someone targeted by the “Goddess Clan” whom see him as a threat to the harmony of the four clans, it seems suspiciously shady on so many different levels. Firstly, the voice Ban and Hawk are hearing, does it really belong to a member of the Goddess Clan? Hell knowing the Holy Knights, I wouldn’t be surprised if they set Ban up and are pulling his strings to force him in conflict against his captain, Melodias. Still, I guess since Melodias does have demon power, the clans whom once stood against and defeated the Demon Clan are worried about the threat the Demon Clan poses. But wanting to slay Melodias seems incredibly odd, they should be more concerned with Hendricksen, unless of course the demon power inside Melodias isn’t something that Melodias’s human self can control completely and the danger of it overwhelming Melodias is the driving force behind the Goddess Clans request.

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