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One Piece Chapter 773 – Half And Half

One Piece chapter 773 - Bari Bari no Pistol

Bartolomeo unleashes!

Personally, one of the most enjoyable chapters this arc; it highlighted Cavendish, Bartolomeo and Robin in such a sensational light and expressed just how important this battle in Dressrosa is for each of them. The way Gladius was defeated was nothing short of epic, and the half and half of Cavendish/Hakuba was unusually fascinating, yet the true moment of the chapter for me was Robin unleashing some of the potential she has as a fighter. With Robin arriving in the “monsters battleground” I look forward to seeing her in action, especially since it seems likely that she will be highlighted in a battle.

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One Piece Chapter 734 – The Victor Of Block D

One Piece chapter 734 - Victor of Block D, Rebecca

Victor of Block D, Rebecca

Hahahah I did not see this happening, NOT AT ALL. For three weeks I’ve been wrecking my brain theorising about potential ways the end of Block D can finish but even with that, I wasn’t even close…To think Cavendish had this characteristic to him, sleep walking and a second persona – Hakuba, even stronger than his normal self, I am honestly in awe at Oda-sensei’s ability to surprise the readers yet keep the twist within the realm of possibility. As a fan of One Piece who tries to predict how Oda-sensei will carry out twists, even after 6 years of following One Piece, I can’t predict him, and I LOVE IT!!

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