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One Piece Chapter 953 – The Komagitsune, Onimaru

One Piece chapter 953 - Onimaru

Hopefully we get to see more of Onimaru in this arc because he is a cool character

What an interesting turn of events with Gyukimaru being the fox, Onimaru, a companion of the Daimyo of Ringo who passed away shortly after Wano Kuni was lost to Kaido and Orochi. Onimaru took it upon himself to protect the honour of all those who passed away in Ringo from having their graves disturbed by the Beast Pirates. He also took himself to see Kawamatsu’s mission through once Kawamatsu unexpectedly disappeared one day. For twenty years, he too has been fighting for the day when Wano Kuni can be reclaimed.

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One Piece Chapter 937 – Zoro VS Gyukimaru VS Kamazou

One Piece chapter 937 - Zoro's three sword style

Zoro at times really does seem like a demon

The legends of Ryuma has not only defined the man itself but the nation of Wano Kuni whose people were inspired by the many tales told about the greatest Samurai in their history. Ryuma conveyed to the world and to the nation of Wano Kuni the strength of the Samurai. The many enemies lining up to take advantage of Wano Kuni, including pirates and World Nobles were kept at bay by Ryuma and the rise in Samurai he inspired. Because of that movement Ryuma ignited, Wano Kuni still remains an independent nation and that is one of the reasons why Ryuma has been bestowed the title “Sword God”. With such a history behind Ryuma’s life, Zoro will have a major part to play in Wano Kuni’s future as the man who defeated Ryuma’s reanimated corpse and brought his blade, Shusui to Wano Kuni.

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