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Bleach Chapter 460 – The Full Moon Approaches

Bleach Chapter 460 - Rukia kick - by amethystxamber (http://amethystxamber.deviantart.com)

About time someone knocked some sense into Ichigo! - by amethystxamber (http://amethystxamber.deviantart.com)

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this scene for a while, thank you Rukia, you managed to drag Ichigo out of the pitiful state he was in for the past 36 chapters. And it does seem the chapters filled with uneasiness and trolling are over and the point where Ichigo lays down a beating on someone is at hand (just like Aizen found out last arc). Poor Kuugo, he finally gets to see just what a REAL Getsuga Tensho is…but unfortunately for him, he is the target…I wonder if Kubo will have Kuugo die now, or will he lead this situation onto a whole new bigger situation ie. a new saga or arc? Well whatever happens, I am interested in finding out the answers to some of the questions I accumulated over the course of this arc O.o.

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Bleach Chapter 454 – The Breaking Point Of Sanity

Bleach Chapter 454 - Ichigo's desire to kill - coloured by Silvercore94 (http://silvercore94.deviantart.com)

Ichigo's twisting sanity leads him to a desire to kill - coloured by Silvercore94 (http://silvercore94.deviantart.com)

Isshin and Kisuke finally get some coverage…but it’s only for two pages and it only shows them walking down the street with grim expressions on their faces with Isshin carrying some sword emanating a strange sort of energy – is that a form of reiatsu that will help kick-start the Shinigami powers in Ichigo and awaken Zangetsu? Well whatever is happening with Isshin and Kisuke, we’ll have to wait until they are covered again – probably in 3 or so chapters time…hopefully the next time they are covered, more substance is revealed…

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