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One Piece chapter 1034 - Sanji is dragged across the walls by Queen's Winch attach

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One Piece Chapter 1034 – Sanji VS Queen: Germa Science

One Piece chapter 1034 - Sanji unleashes onto Queen

The longer Queen feels the need to prove himself a superior scientist over Judge through his battle against Sanji, the more inferior he appears. I honestly did not think there could be a character more insecure than Caesar but here we are. Queen has constantly gone out of his way to prove just how lesser he is to the peers he worked alongside in the past. Queen has been consumed by his own anxiety that the science he now pursues is but a shadow of someone else. Sanji will reign victorious and as Queen lies their in defeat, he will realise just how inferior his science is to Judge’s.

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One Piece Chapter 931 – Germa’s Stealth Black

One Piece chapter 931 - Stealth Black

A wild Stealth Black has appeared!

Sanji’s Germa agent moniker is incredibly badass – Stealth…Black. It’s a name that would strike terror in the minds of antagonists and hope within the hearts of innocent bystanders caught under the heel of suspect individuals and organizations. Law gave Stealth Black an incredibly memorable entrance with his commentary only to have it further entrenched in history by Sanji’s poor attempt to disguise himself behind a fake name totally devoid of any seriousness – O-Soba Mask. If that name sticks…how unfortunate it would be for Sanji and for the readers as well. Sanji NEEDS to adopt the Stealth Black name and carve out a resume of destruction through the current landscape awaiting him within Wano Kuni. The world NEEDS to experience the brilliance that is Stealth Black.

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One Piece Chapter 856 – The Captain And The Chef

One Piece chapter 856 - Sanji's request for Luffy's help

Finally! Sanji finally let down his walls and opened up to his Captain who has always been there for him

Sanji finally let off the weight dragging him down into despair. The agonizing weight of having his dreams crushed and his loved ones lives used against him. A sinking weight wholly reliant on his actions. Sanji wanted to protect everyone even if it meant doing it all alone and against an overwhelming opponent. He complied with the demands required of him and played the part of a pawn in someone else’s schemes oblivious to the reality of what was going on behind the scenes. Now that Sanji is aware of the futility of his efforts, of how the Wedding is actually a precursor to a festival of death and destruction, he turns to his captain for help. And of course, Luffy being who he is, accepts the challenge of further angering a Yonko.

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