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One Piece chapter 925 - King's outfit

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[Theory] One Piece – King And Rocks

One Piece chapter 957 - The Rocks Pirates Jolly Roger

With the revelation of the Lunarian people and their ability to burst into flames, the Rocks Pirates Jolly Roger has me wondering, was Xebec D. Rocks a member of the Lunarian race? Or did he take an interest in them? The Jolly Roger representing the Rocks Pirates (and Rocks in particular) is that of a red skull that appears to be flaming. Why such imagery? With the knowledge of the Lunarian people and what they could do, that imagery can be interpreted in a curious context, one that see Rocks connected to the Lunarian people. Is this why Rocks was so interested in the secrets of the world and becoming King of it? Because he felt the status his people once held was robbed from them?

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Fairy Tail Chapter 352-353 – The Devil Slayer

Fairy Tail chapter 353 - Absolute Zero Silver - by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

The Ice Devil Slayer, Silver – by salim202

Hahah how obvious it all appears now in hindsight, so the Eternal Flame was the fire Dragon Atlas Flame. It explains why Natsu recognised the voice, but I wonder why Natsu couldn’t exactly put his finger on who it was when he just met Atlas Flame recently. Anyway I was quite surprised, especially by the fact that one wizard froze the village, an Exorcist Mage who is a Devil Slayer. I wonder why I didn’t expect such a development to come about after knowing that God Slayers existed, of course they would be more types Slayers =P. At least now with the revelation of Devil Slayers, I know that they may in fact be many more types of other Slayers out there –  Giant Slayers, Spirit Slayers, Mage Slayers, etc.

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