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Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive (2016) Review

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive Poster

A fantastical new adventure begins!

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive continues the grand work from Square Enix and sets itself up as a notable addition to the Final Fantasy line, in particular one which portrays a gripping story filled with bold and well fleshed out characters surrounded by events of tragedy, hope and epicness.

As a Final Fantasy fan it is hard not to get excited about FFXV, I for one will be casting myself into the world of Eos looking to experience the journey awaiting me within as we learn more about Niflheim, Lucis, the war, the demons, the crystals, the magic, the characters and the adventure.

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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – Back Into Eorzea

FFXIV - Syphin Kuroren - wonder

And so I return to the world of Eorzea

Refreshing and engrossing, with the element of fun beckoning you into its world filled with creativity and wonder, FFXIV feels like a whole different game this time around. I made a post about the problems with version 1.0 of FFXIV back in 2011 – The Journey Into Eorzea, this post will talk about some of those problems (quoting them from my post) and how the changes in A Realm Reborn have changed those issues for the better.

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