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One Piece - Is Yamato the Pheasant of the Wano Kuni Arc?

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[Theory] One Piece – Yamato And The Pheasant

One Piece - Is Yamato the Pheasant of the Wano Kuni Arc?

The story of Wano Kuni is largely inspired by the Japanese folklore Momotarō. Within the story, Momotarō is born from a peach which an old couple find floating down a river. The couple named the child Momotarō (Momo being Peach). When the child matured, he left his parents to fight a band of Oni who marauded over the land. The Oni resided in the distant Island, Onigashima. Along the way, Momotarō met and befriended a talking dog, monkey and pheasant, who agreed to help him with his quest in exchange for a portion of his rations – kibi dango. When the group reached Onigashima, they penetrated the demons’ fort and defeated the band of demons. Momotarō and his friends returned home with the demons’ stolen treasure and the demon chief as captive.

While the Wano Kuni story is not stroke for stroke with the Momotarō folklore, Oda-sensei takes deep inspiration from major elements within the story. Momotarō is represented through Momonosuke. The Oni are represented by the Beast Pirates with the Oni chief being Kaido. Onigashima Island is the home base of Kaido. The plundered treasure is the home country of Momonosuke and his people’s freedom. Along the journey to Onigashima, Momonosuke befriends Luffy (who represents the Monkey) and Inuarashi (who represents the talking dog) and requests their aid in his quest to liberate Wano Kuni from Kaido and Orochi. Luffy answers Momonosuke’s request with a promise that he will defeat Kaido. Inuarashi protects Momonosuke and brings him to Wano Kuni. As at chapter 987, the Pheasant has yet to be revealed.

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