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Bleach Chapter 568 – Frozen II

Bleach chapter 568 - Rukia vs As Nodt 1

So surviving an absolute zero slash…how is that even possible?

Was the contents of this chapter REALLY necessary? Did Kubo-sensei REALLY have to keep Äs Nödt alive? Did Rukia lowering her body temperature with Sode no Shirayuki to absolute zero REALLY not instantly freeze and end Äs Nödt’s life (how the hell did he survive)? Did Kubo-sensei REALLY have to put Rukia in a situation where she needed to be saved by Byakuya? Really Kubo-sensei? Couldn’t you have at least let Rukia have this win? Rukia has just undergone some serious training in the Spirit Realm and has been out of action for long time in the manga…when she finally gets a fight in which she can prove herself in and the abilities she wields, the circumstances surrounding the situation end up being twisted to force Rukia once again in a situation where she needs to saved…Sigh…

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Bleach Chapter 567 – Frozen

Bleach chapter 567 - The extent of Sode no Shirayuki's ability

Rukia’s mastery over Sode no Shirayuki’s abilities are impressive, what else does she have up her sleeve?

THAT was an AMAZING chapter. My goodness, RUKIA was freaking awesome. FINALLY she gets the coverage she deserves. Thank you Kubo-sensei. And I am glad you saved her Bankai release for later. Let’s hope As Nodt is dead for good now, Rukia was badass this chapter and I am looking forward to seeing her move on to other Stern Ritter. Easily one of the best chapters this Quincy Blood War Arc. I was satisfied across every single panel, especially Rukia rebutting As Nodt’s philosophy of fear with her own philosophy of science. Incredible chapter.

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Bleach Chapter 566 – Surpassing Fear

Bleach chapter 566 - Rukia's taunt

Rukia handling the situation like a boss, Äs Nödt may have met his match

Finally, we finally get to see Rukia in action after so long. To think that the main female character of the story has been side lined for so long, hopefully Kubo-sensei gives us one epic battle between Rukia and Äs Nödt to make up for the lack of Rukia we have been having for this whole arc. Ah it is fitting to have Rukia face off against the opponent who crushed her brother and to return the favour. Got to love the line Rukia closed the chapter with – oh Äs Nödt, you are so screwed.

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