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Fairy Tail Chapter 377-378 – The Dance Of The Heavenly Dragon

Fairy Tail chapter 377 - color spread - cleaning by Ulquiorra90 (http://ulquiorra90.deviantart.com)

Together, with a step at a time, we will continue into the future – cleaning by Ulquiorra90

Enveloped and embraced, the intangible touch of wind resonates through the air empowering one towards a state of overwhelming freedom. And like the enchanting flow of wind with its powerful and gentle disposition, Wendy soars. And carried by the wings of wind, she dances.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 376 – Wendy Rises

Fairy Tail chapter376 - Dragon Force Wendy - by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

Dragon Force Wendy – by salim202

Overpowered and overwhelmed and pushed to the brink of desperation, Wendy in the face of losing her precious bonds turns to desperate actions awakening the endless potential her magic wields. With the weight of many lives on her smalls shoulders and the inevitable ticking of time against her, Wendy, overcoming her former terror, rises and unleashes her Dragon Force! With five minutes left and a demon in front of her, Wendy gets ready to soar up to the Heavens.

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