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[Analysis] One Piece – Big Mom And Elbaf Island

One Piece - Big Mom's Preparation Celebration

Welcome to Totland, where residence cost only a portion of your soul!

I have been re-evaluating my thoughts surrounding Big Mom and her eventual defeat and trying to rationalise how Big Mom and her crew could come out of Whole Cake Island still relevant. A lot of effort has gone into focusing on the Big Mom Pirates within the Whole Cake Island Arc that it appears logical to conclude Big Mom could be defeated at the end of the arc if certain conditions are met. At the same time though there are elements within Big Mom’s flashback that allows for her to remain a relevant antagonist within the future. I am surprised I didn’t place more weight on it earlier but Big Mom’s connection to Elbaf Island allows for a fantastic entry point to reintroduce Big Mom and her crew in later in the story. Big Mom is one of the Giants most hated individuals, which makes her a fitting and more importantly, relevant, antagonist for that arc.

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One Piece Chapter 864-867 – Mother Caramel And Big Mom

One Piece chapter 865 - Big Mom rages

It has begun…

We finally get some back story on Linlin and her time with Mother Caramel whom she cherishes deeply. Even as a child Linlin was indifferent to the harm she caused others, oblivious to the damage she could cause. I get that she was young and still learning about life, society and the way of the world but the aspect of oneself that questions our actions and draws a line between right and wrong, that aspect seems to be completely missing from Linlin. Overarching her whole personality was a disconnect from her emotions, especially in terms of adjusting ones actions to the perceived societal norms. The only emotions Linlin knew to convey were reactionary ones central to a child – anger and want. Consequence is a concept foreign to Linlin and all she knows is that she needs what she wants.

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One Piece Chapter 770 – Pride

One Piece chapter 770 - Hajrudin's pride

In order to repay his debt, he surpasses his limitations…

Relevant to the chapter and the characters featured within is an emotion overwhelming in its nature yet invigorating in its embrace. Stemming from the perception of ones worth, it drives its holder forward with the desire to express the value they embody. It empowers yet afflicts, such an emotion capable of existing as either a virtue or a vice is the emotion known as pride. Bellamy with his pride of being able to decide his own fate, Zoro with his pride of becoming the best swordsman, and Hajrudin with his pride as an Elbaf warrior. Each of those characters faced with a seemingly insurmountable wall, place their belief in the pride they hold in their ability to surpass their limitations.

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